Congratulations to the CUAHSI and Microsoft Student Fellowhip Awardees!


We are pleased to announce the recipients of the Microsoft supported awards:




Title of Abstract

Nogues, Juan P.

Princeton University

Two Dimensional Upscaling of Pressure and Permeability for Relative Permeability and Mass Transfer Terms in a Two Phase Flow System (pdf)


We are pleased to announce the recipients of the CUAHSI supported awards:




Title of Abstract

Akanji, Lateef

Imperial College London

Pore Scale Simulation of Two-Phase Flow through Factures in Porous Media (pdf)

Algive, Lionnel


Reactive Percolation using Pore-Network Modeling (pdf)

Chen, Cheng Northwestern Univeristy
Pore-scale Simulation of the Effects of Colloid Deposition on Fluid Flow and Solute Transport (pdf)

Dub, Francois-Xavier

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A variational multiscale high-resolution method for the simulation of unstable multiphase flow in heterogeneous formations (pdf)

Kourakos, George

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Pumping Optimization of Coastal Aquifers based on Evolutionary Annealing-Simplex Scheme and Artificial Neural Networks (pdf)

Kumar, Mukesh

Penn State University

Finite Volume Model for Coupled Simulation of 1D-river flow, 2D-overland Flow and 3D-variably Saturated Flow (pdf)

Mirzaei, Mahsanam

University of Oxford

Experimental Determination of Dynamic Coefficient in Porous Media (pdf)

Schroeder, Tom

Jülich Supercompuing Center, Research Center Jülich

Optimizing the numerical scheme of 3-D root water uptake models (pdf)

Tyagi, Manav

ETH Zurich, Institute of Fluid Dynamics

A Stochastic-Lagrangian Model for Multiphase Flow in Porous Media:  Upscaling of Non-Equilibrium Pore Scale Dynamics (pdf)

Vasin, Milos

Institute of Hydraulic Engineering, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Influence of soil structure on Estimation of effective parameters in the unsaturated zone (pdf)