ESD Graphics & Editing ESD Graphics & Editing Services

ESD Graphics:


Walter Denn

Sherry Seybold

Diana Swantek

ESD Editing:

Dan Hawkes

Production Printers

Building 90-1078

Name Kind Description
90-1078_Phaser_1235 Xerox Phaser 1235 PS Color Laser Printer
Production Phaser 750DP Color Laser Printer
Designjet 5000PS HP Designjet 5000PS Color Plotter (up to 42" wide)
90-1078C 5Si HP Laserjet 5Si Mopier PS Black & White Laser Printer

Building 90-1116

Name Kind Description
90-1116-HO8150 HP Laserjet 8100 Series Black & White Laser Printer

Building 70A-4418

Name Kind Description
70A-4418 HPDJ2500CP HP Designjet 2500CP PS3 Color Plotter (up to 36 " wide)

Building 90-1084

Name Kind Description
Stylus Color 3000 Epson SC 3000 Wide-format Color
nwdcolor Codonics NP-1600 Photo Quality Color











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