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July 23, 2007

BUD, UXO, ESD, R&D 100 What Does this All Mean?

ESD is proud to announce yet another successful R&D 100 submission for 2007. The Berkeley Unexploded Ordnance Detector, otherwise known as BUD, is a system built by Berkeley Lab staff to detect buried unexploded ordnances (explosives) in sites such as closed military bases. Congratulations to the scientific team involving the expertise and hard work of ESD scientists Alex Becker, Erika Gasperikova, Frank Morrison, and J. Torquil Smith; and the Engineering Division's Jean-Francois Beche, Larry Doolittle, Jim Greer, Robin Lafever, Alessandro Ratti, and Harold Yaver. As announced on July 5, 2007, BUD was one of three award-winning Berkeley Lab technologies for 2007. More about this story.

R&D 100 Cover BUD
{image details: Cover of LBNL's R&D 100 submission. Clockwise from the top: BUD performing in field test in Yuma, AZ; map depicting UXO-contaminated land in the U.S.; examples of types of unexploded ordnances from 20 mm to 155 mm projectile.}