SELECT - Transport Simulation

Transport simulation in SELECT P1 is performed by T2VOC, an integral finite difference multiphase and multicomponent transport simulation. (See Falta, R.W., K. Pruess, S. Finsterle, and A. Battistelli, T2VOC User's Guide, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Report LBL-36400, March, 1995 for more details.)

It is an ultimate design goal that this transport model be replaceable by alternative codes that evolve during the life-time of SELECT. To this end, T2VOC has been surrounded by a "wrapper," a program interface that minimizes SELECT's dependency on the particular format of T2VOC input and output. The front-end part of the wrapper consists of a tool for the maintenance of T2VOC input data and a second tool for the submission of this data for local or remote processing by T2VOC. The back-end part of the wrapper consists, currently, of a file containing that subset of the T2VOC data that is required by SELECT.

As more alternatives to T2VOC become available, the wrapper will assume a more general, object-oriented form with the eventual goal of supporting user-selected "plug and play" of alternative transport models without alteration of the underlying SELECT program.

Selection between alternative, pre-loaded simulation strategies in the prototype takes place via the Remediation option on the SELECT main menu.

Remediation Menu

* Creation and maintenance of the Transport Input Data

* Selecting the Strategy and Executing the Transport Simulation

* Graphing the Transport Simulation Results

* Visualization of the Transport Simulation Results

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