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Boris Faybishenko's Publications

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Authored and co-authored 60 scientific papers, 11 books and book chapters, 80 abstracts of scientific presentations, more than 50 reports, and 8 patents.

Selected Books and Book Chapters

      1. Faybishenko. B., T.Nicholson (Editors), Groundwater Vulnerability: Chernobyl. AGU/Wiley, to be published in 2014.   
      2. Faybishenko, B., J. Gale, and S.Benson (editors), Dynamics of Fluids and Transport in Fractured-Porous Media, in preparation, AGU/Wiley. 
      3. Faybishenko, B., P.A.Witherspoon, and J.Gale (Editors), Dynamics of Fluids and Transport in Fractured Rock, Geophysical Monograph Series, Vol. 162, 2005. [ISBN 0-87590-427-0].
      4. Faybishenko, B., G.S. Bodvarsson, P. A. Witherspoon and J. Hinds, Scaling and hierarchy of models for flow processes in unsaturated fractured rock,” Chapter 20 in the book “Scaling Methods in Soil Physics” Eds. Y.A. Pachepsky, D.E. Radcliffe and H. M. Selim). CRC Press LLC, pp. 373-417, 2003. 
      5. Faybishenko, B., Introduction to modeling of hydrogeologic systems using fuzzy differential equations, In: “Fuzzy Partial Differential Equations and Relational Equations,” (edited by M. Nickravesh, L.A. Zadeh, and V. Korotkikh (Eds.), Vol. 142, Springer Verlag, the Series Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, pp, 267-284, 2003. [ISBN 3-540-20322-2].
      6. Faybishenko, B., P. A. Witherspoon, C. Doughty, J. Geller, T. Wood, and R. Podgorney, Multi-Scale Investigations of Liquid Flow in a Fractured Basalt Vadose Zone, AGU Monograph “Flow and Transport Through Unsaturated Fractured Rock,” Second Edition D.D. Evans, T.J. Nicholson, and T. Rassmusen (eds.), 161-182, 2001.
      7. Faybishenko, B. Vadose Zone Characterization and Monitoring: Current Technologies, Applications, and Future Developments, Chapter 3 of Book "Vadose Zone Science and Technology Solutions," (eds. B. Looney and R.Falta), Battelle Press, OH, 133-396, 2000.
      8. Faybishenko, B., P.A. Witherspoon and S.M. Benson (eds.), Dynamics of Fluids in Fractured Rock, Geophysical Monograph No. 122, 2000.
      9. Faybishenko, B., and Finsterle, S., Tensiometry in fractured rocks, in Zhang, D., and Winter, C.L., eds., Theory, Modeling, and Field Investigation in Hydrogeology: A Special Volume in Honor of Shlomo P. Neuman’s 60th Birthday: Boulder, Colorado, Geological Society of America Special Paper 348, 161–174, 2000.
      10. Dzekunov, N.E., I.E. Zhernov, and B.A.Faybishenko, Thermodynamic Methods of Investigating the Water Regime in the Vadose Zone, Moscow, Nedra, 177 p., 1987.
      11. Faybishenko, B.A., Water-Salt Regime of Soils Under Irrigation, Moscow, Agropromizdat, 304 pp., 1986.

      Selected Peer-Reviewed Papers

      1. Faybishenko B, Molz F. Nonlinear rhizosphere dynamics yields synchronized oscillations of microbial populations, carbon and oxygen concentrations, induced by root exudation, Procedia Environmental Sciences, Four Decades of Progress in Monitoring and Modeling of Processes in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System: Applications and Challenges, Vol. 19, 681–690, 2013.
      2. Bea, S.A., Wainwright, H., Spycher, N., Faybishenko, B., Hubbard, S., Denham, M.E., Identifying key controls on the behavior of an acidic-U(VI) plume in the Savannah River Site using reactive transport modeling. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 2013 Aug;15 1:34-54. doi: 10.1016/j.jconhyd.2013.04.005.
      3. Faybishenko, B., F. Molz, Nonlinear Rhizosphere Dynamics Yields Synchronized Oscillations of Microbial Populations, Carbon and Oxygen Concentrations, Induced by Root Exudation, Procedia Environmental Sciences, 2013, 19:369-378.
      4. Molz, F., B. Faybishenko, Increasing Evidence for Chaotic Dynamics in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System: A Motivation for Future Research, Procedia Environmental Sciences, 2013, 19:681-690. Increasing Evidence for Chaotic Dynamics in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere System: A Motivation for Future Research, Procedia Environmental Sciences, 2013, 19:681-690.
      5. K.B. De León, B.Faybishenko, B. D. Ramsay, D.R. Newcomer, T.C. Hazen, and M.W. Fields, Stimulation for in situ Cr(VI) Bioreduction Causes Convergence of Groundwater and Sediment-Adhered Bacterial Populations with Different Population Networks.  Submitted to the Multidisciplinary Journal of Microbial Ecology, Journal of the International Society for Microbial Ecology (ISME), 2013.
      6. Mosher J. J., T. J. Phelps, M. Podar, R.A. Hurt, J. H. Campbell, M. M. Drake, J. G. Moberly, C. W. Schadt, S. D. Brown, T. C. Hazen, A. P. Arkin, A. V. Palumbo, B.A.Faybishenko, D. A. Elias. Microbial community succession during lactate amendment of chromium contaminated groundwater reveals a predominance of Pelosinus spp. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 78:2082-2091, 2012. doi:10.1128/AEM.05666. 
      7. Brodie, E.L., D. C. Joyner, B.Faybishenko, M. E. Conrad, C. Rios-Velazquez, B. Mork, A. Willet, S. Koenigsberg, D. Herman, M. K. Firestone, T. C. Hazen, J. Malave, Microbial community response to addition of polylactate compounds to stimulate hexavalent chromium reduction in groundwater, Chemosphere 01/2011; 85(4).
      8. Faybishenko, B., Fuzzy-Probabilistic Calculations of Water-Balance Uncertainty. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Analysis, 24: 939–952, 2010.
      9. Faybishenko, B., T.C. Hazen, P.E. Long, E.L. Brodie, M.E. Conrad, S.S. Hubbard, D.Joyner, S.Borglin, R.Chakraborty, K.H. Williams, J.E.Peterson, J.Chen, T.K. Tokunaga, J.Wan, M.Firestone, D.R. Newcomer, C.T. Resch, K.J. Cantrell, A.Willett, and S.Koenigsberg.  In Situ Long-Term Reductive Bioimmobilization of Cr(VI) in Groundwater Using Hydrogen Release Compound,  Environmental Science & Technology, 42 (22), 8478–8485, 2008.
      10. Hubbard, S.S., K. Williams, M. Conrad, B. Faybishenko, J. Peterson, J. Chen, P. Long and T. Hazen, Geophysical monitoring of hydrological and biogeochemical transformations associated with Cr(VI) Biostimulation, Environmental Science & Technology, 42(10) pp 3757 - 3765; DOI 10.1021/es071702s, 2008.
      11. Faybishenko, B., Climatic Forecasting of Net Infiltration at Yucca Mountain Using Analogue Meteorological Data, Vadose Zone Journal 6:77–92, 2007.
      12. Faybishenko, B., Nonlinear dynamics in flow through unsaturated fractured-porous media: status and perspectives. Reviews of Geophysics.  RG2003, doi:10.1029/2003RG000125, 2004.
      13. Faybishenko, B., G.S. Bodvarsson, and R. Salve, On the physics of unstable infiltration, seepage and gravity drainage in partially saturated tuffs, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 62-63, pp. 63-87, 2003.
      14. Unger, A., B.Faybishenko, G.S. Bodvarsson, and A. Simmons, Simulating infiltration tests in fractured basalt at the Box Canyon Site, Idaho, Vadose Zone Journal, 3, 75-89, 2004.
      15. Faybishenko, B., Chaotic Processes in Flow through Fractured Rock: Field and Laboratory Experiments Revisited, In: Subsurface Contamination Remediation: Accomplishments of the Environmental Management Science Program, Volume 904, ACS Symposium Series, pp. 183-228, 2005.
      16. Faybishenko, B., Chaotic dynamics in flow through unsaturated fractured media. Advances in Water Resources, 25/7, 793-816, 2002.
      17. Mays, D.C. and B. Faybishenko, and S. Finsterle, Information Entropy to Measure Temporal and Spatial Complexity of Unsaturated Flow in Heterogeneous Media, Water Resources Research, 38(12), 1313, December 2002.
      18. Faybishenko, B., C. Doughty, M. Steiger, J. Long, T. Wood, J. Jacobsen, J. Lore, and P.Zawislanski, Conceptual model of the geometry and physics of water flow in a fractured basalt vadose zone, Water Resources Research, 37(12), 3499-3522, 2000.
      19. Faybishenko, B. Tensiometer for Shallow or Deep Measurements of Water Pressure in Vadose Zone and Groundwater, Journal of Soil Sciences, Vol.165, No. 6, 473-482, 2000.
      20. Pruess, K., B. Faybishenko, and G. S. Bodvarsson, Alternative concepts and approaches for modeling flow and transport in thick unsaturated zones of fractured rocks, Journal of Contaminant Hydrology - Special Issue, 38, 281-322, 1999.
      21. Zawislanski, P.T., and B.Faybishenko, New casing and backfill design for neutron access boreholes, Ground Water Journal, 37(1), 33-37, 1999.
      22. Finsterle, S., and B. Faybishenko, Design and analysis of an experiment to determine hydraulic parameters of variably saturated porous media, Advances in Water Resources, 22(1), 431-444, 1999.
      23. Faybishenko, B.A., I. Javandel and P.A. Witherspoon, Hydrodynamics of the Capture Zone for Contaminant Transport with Partially Penetrating Well in a Confined Aquifer, Water Resources Research, 31(4), 859-866, 1995.
      24. Faybishenko, B.A., Hydraulic Behavior of Quasi-Saturated Soils in the Presence of Entrapped Air: Laboratory Investigations, Water Resources Research, 31(10), 2421-2435, 1995.

      Selected Patents

      1. Dzekunov, N.E., and B.A. Faybishenko, Device for the Determination of the Water Potential, Inventor's Certificate of the USSR, No.591761, 1977.
      2. Dzekunov, N.E., B.A. Faybishenko et al., Device to Measure the Groundwater Level, Inventor's Certificate USSR No.1046673, 1982.
      3. Gavrilov, S.A., N.E. Dzekunov, B.A. Faybishenko et al., Tensiometer, Inventor's Certificate USSR No.1408258, 1988.
      4. Gorbunova, T.V., T.A. Konetskaya, and B.A. Faybishenko, Device for the Extraction of Pore Solutions from Soils with Different Moisture, Inventor's Certificate USSR No.1493882, 1988.
      5. Faybishenko, B., Tensiometer for Shallow or Deep Measurements Including Vadose Zone and Aquifers, U.S. Patent 5,941,121, 1999.
      6. Lee, K.H. A. Becker, B. Faybishenko, and R.Solbau, Electrical Resistivity Probes, US Patent 6,636,046 B2, Oct 21, 2003.
      7. Faybishenko, B. Vadose zone water fluxmeter, US Patent 6,957,573, 2005.

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