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Earth Sciences Division Staff: Christer Jansson

Christer Jansson

Christer Jansson

Biographical Summary

I joined LBNL as a Senior Staff Scientist in the Earth Sciences Division in February 2008. Prior to that, I was heading the Department of Plant Biology & Forest Genetics, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden, where I held the Professor Chair in Molecular Cell Biology from 1999-2008. During 1994-1999, I was Professor in Biochemistry at the Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics, Stockholm University. I got my Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Lund University, Sweden in 1984 with Bertil Andersson as Supervisor. From 1985-1987, I was a postdoc in Lee McIntosh's lab at the Plant Research Laboratory (PRL) at Michigan State University (MSU).

Senior Staff Scientist

Program Lead - Bioenergy

Ecology Department

Phone: 510-486-7541

Fax: 510-486-7152


Research Interests & Expertise

Much of my reserach revolves around employing synthetic biology and metabolic engineering approaches to design biological systems for direct conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) or methane (CH4) to liquid transportation fuels. Particular areas of interest are photosynthesis and plant and microbial metabolism.

Research Projects

  • FOLIUM. Engineering tobacco for enhanced photosynthesis and for direct photosynthetic conversion of CO2 to advanced hydrocarbon fuels in tobacco leaves. More ...
  • METHYLASE. Enzyme engineering to design a novel enzyme for biological conversion of CH4 to liquid transportation fuels. More ...
  • CyanoFuels. Reconstructing cyanobacteria for enhanced CO2 uptake and for direct photosynthetic conversion of CO2 to liquid transportation fuels. More ...
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Other interests

Red wine and dark chocolate, preferrably together.