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ESD Division Council
Photo by: Lisa Kelly (edited by Walter Denn)
Earth Sciences Division Council

Earth Sciences Division Committees

The Earth Sciences Division (ESD) committees and Lab-wide committees enable ESD and LBNL to make decisions, take action on, or report on some subject matter critical to operational and scientific activities. If you would like more information or are interested in participating on discussions regarding the subject areas identified below, please feel free to contact the representative or member identified below.

ESD Organized Committees and Councils


Distinguished Scientists Seminiar Series Committee

Chair: Bill Riley

Members: Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Eoin Brodie, Andrea Cortis, Ben Gilbert, Yingying Kooyman

Capital Equipment & Instrumentation Committee

Chair: Mark Conrad

Members: Greg Newman, Margaret Torn, Eoin Brodie, Carl Steefel, Vivi Fissekidou, Tom Daley, Stefan Finsterle, Peter Lau

CEIC Sub-committees: Computational Resources, Laboratory Resources, Field Support Resources

Move Advisory Committee (MAC)

Chairs: Ernie Majer and Maryann Villavert

Members: Mark Conrad, Tim Kneafsey, Janet Jansson, Bill Collins, Terry Hazen, Stefan Finsterle, Don DePaolo, Curt Oldenburg, Tetsu Tokunaga, Margaret Torn, Greg Newman, Ronnie Woods

Professional Staff Committee (PSC)

Chair: Tetsu Tokunaga

Members:  Glenn Waychunas, Janet Jansson, Greg Newman

Division Council

Chair: Susan Hubbard

Members: Program Heads, Department Heads, Business Manager, Human Resources, Safety Coordinator

Division Safety Committee

Chair: Vivi Fissekidou

Members: Please click here to see complete list.

Lab-wide Committee and Council Representatives

Conference Council - Carol Valladao

CSAC & CPIC - Peter Lau

Diversity and Inclusion Council - Jim Houseworth (2011-Present)

Division Business Council (DBC) - Maryann Villavert

Financial $ystems Modernization (F$M) Advisory Committee (2011-Present) - Susan Hubbard (2011 - 2013); Mark Conrad (2013)

IT Council (ITC) - Mike Kowalsky

Lab Staff Committee (LSC) - Janet Jansson (2011 - Present)

Laboratory Support Advisory Committee (LSAC) - Ernie Majer

Library Committee - John Christensen

Property Management - Theresa Pollard & Krys Avina

Resource Management Leadership Council (RMLC) - Grace Miller

Safety Advisory Committee (SAC) - John Christensen

Space Planning and Advisory Committee (SPAC) - Ernie Majer (2010 - 2013)

Travel Liaison Committee (TLC) - Karen Elliott

Women Scientists and Engineers Council (WSEC) - Yingqi Zhang