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Earth Sciences Division Staff: Daniele Rosa

Daniele Rosa

Daniele Rosa

Project Scientist

Climate Sciences Department



Phone: 510-486-6566

Fax: 510-486-5686




Biographical Summary

Daniele Rosa is a project scientist working in the Climate Science Department. He is interested in modeling and understanding atmospheric processes that determine precipitation variability and its impacts. He uses multiscale numerical models for the global climate.


2014: PhD Earth & Planetary Science, Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.
2008: MS Environmental System Mathematical Modeling, Humboldt State Univ., Arcata, CA, USA.
2001: MS Physics, Univ. of Pavia, Italy. Theoretical physics – Econophysics.
1994: Electrical Engineering Technician diploma.

Professional Experience

2008-2014: Graduate student researcher and instructor at Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA, USA.

2006-2008: Lecturer at Humboldt State Univ., CA, USA. Mathematics.

2002-2005: Consultant at Accenture on Italian and international projects for banks and telecom corporations.


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  • Rosa, D. (2008), Implementing a Dynamic Allocation Scheme for the Lund-Potsdam-Jena Global Vegetation Model (MS thesis).
  • Rosa, D. (2001), Diffusion processes and their application in the financial markets (MS thesis, document in Italian).