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Daniel Feldman's Publications

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Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Feldman, D.R., D. M. Coleman, W.D. Collins, (2013), On the Usage of Spectral and Broadband Satellite Instrument Measurements to Differentiate Climate Models with Different Low-Cloud Feedback Strengths, J. Climate, doi: 10.1175/JCLI-D-12-00378.1.
  2. Roberts, Y., P. Pilewskie, B.C. Kindel, D.R. Feldman, W.D. Collins, (2013) Quantitative Comparison of the Variability in Observed and Simulated Shortwave Reflectance, Aerosol Chemistry and Physics, 13, 3133-3147, doi: 10.5194/acp-13-3133-2013.
  3. Coleman, D.M., and D.R. Feldman (2013), Porting Existing Radiation Code for GPU Acceleration, IEEE JSTARS, 99, 1-6, doi: 10.1109/JSTARS.2013.2247379.
  4. Wielicki, B.A., D.F. Young, M.G. Mlynczak, K.J. Thome, S. Leroy, J. Corliss, J.G. Anderson, C.O. Ao, R. Bantges, F. Best, K. Bowman, H. Brindley, J.J. Butler, W. Collins, D.R. Doelling, J.A. Dykema, D.R. Feldman, N. Fox, R.E. Holz, X. Huang, Y. Huang, D.E. Jennings, Z. Jin, D.G. Johnson, K. Jucks, S. Kato, D.B. Kirk-Davidoff, R. Knuteson, G. Kopp, D.P. Kratz, X. Liu, C. Lukashin, A.J. Mannucci, N. Phojanamongkolkij, P. Pilewskie, V. Ramaswamy, H. Revercomb, J. Rice, Y. Roberts, C.M. Roithmayr, F. Rose, S. Sandford, E.L. Shirley, W.L. Smith, Sr., B. Soden, P.W. Speth, W. Sun, P.C. Taylor, D. Tobin, X. Xiong, (2013) Achieving Climate Change Absolute Accuracy in Orbit, Bull. Amer. Met. Soc., doi: 10.1175/BAMS-D-12-00149.1.
  5. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins, et al, (2011), Simulations Studies for the Detection of Changes in Broadband Albedo and Shortwave Reflectance Spectra under a Climate Change Scenario. J. Geophys. Res., 116, D24,doi:10.1029/2011JD016407.
  6. Feldman, D. R., C. A. Algieri, J. R. Ong, and W. D. Collins (2011), CLARREO shortwave observing system simulation experiments of the twenty-first century: Simulator design and implementation, J. Geophys. Res., 116, D10, doi:10.1029/2010JD015350.
  7. Feldman, D.R., K.N. Liou., T.S. L’Ecuyer, Y.L. Yung, (2008), Remote Sensing of Tropical Tropopause Layer Radiation Balance Using A-Train Measurements, J. Geophys. Res., 113, D21113, doi:10.1029/2008JD010158.
  8. Feldman D. R., K. N. Liou, R. L. Shia, Y. L. Yung (2008), On the information content of the thermal infrared cooling rate profile from satellite instrument measurements, J. Geophys. Res., 113, D11118, doi:10.1029/2007JD009041.
  9. Su, H., J.H. Jiang, Y. Gu, J.D. Neelin, B.H. Kahn, D.R. Feldman, Y.L. Yung, J.W. Waters, N.J. Livesey, M.L. Santee (2008), Variations of tropical upper tropospheric clouds with sea surface temperature and implications for radiative effects, J. Geophys. Res., 113, D10211, doi:10.1029/2007JD009624.
  10. Li, L., A. P. Ingersoll, X. Jiang, D.R. Feldman, and Y. L. Yung (2007), Lorenz energy cycle of the global atmosphere based on reanalysis datasets, Geophys. Res. Lett., 34, L16813, doi:10.1029/2007GL029985.
  11. Guo, X., V. Natraj, D.R. Feldman, R.J.D. Spurr,  R.L. Shia, S.P. Sander, Y.L. Yung (2007), Retrieval of ozone profile from ground-based measurements with polarization: A synthetic study, J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, 103 (1), p.175-192.
  12. Feldman, D. R., K. N. Liou, Y. L. Yung, D. C. Tobin, and A. Berk (2006),  Direct retrieval of stratospheric CO2 infrared cooling rate profiles from AIRS data, Geophys. Res. Lett., 33, L11803, doi:10.1029/2005GL024680.

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Invited Talks

  1. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, 2013, Greenbelt, MD.
  2. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory PCMDI, 2013, Livermore, CA.
  3. Imperial College Department of Physics, 2012, London, UK.
  4. McGill University  Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, 2012, Montreal, QC.
  5. Oregon State University College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, 2011, Corvallis, OR.
  6. 33rd Meeting on Atmospheric Transmission Models, 2011, Lexington, MA.
  7. UC-Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Seminar, 2011, Berkeley, CA.

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Public Presentations

  1. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins, X. Liu, (2013), Shortwave and Longwave Hyperspectral Satellite Instrument Simulations Based on High and Low Sensitivity CMIP5 Models and Applications to Existing and Planned Measurement Systems, 94(52), AGU Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract A43K-01.
  2. Roberts, Y.L., P.C. Taylor, C. Lukashin, D. R. Feldman, P. Pilewskie, W. Collins, (2013), Climate Model Validation Using Spectrally Resolved Shortwave Radiation Measurements, 94(52), AGU Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract A43K-07.
  3. Paige, J.L., D.R. Feldman, (2013) An Assessment of Arctic Cloud-Albedo Feedbacks in the CMIP5 Archive and Prospects for Satellite Instrument Constraint, 94(52), AGU Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract A21B-0032.
  4. Feldman, D.R., M.S. Torn, W.D. Collins, P. Gero (2013), Measurement-Model Intercomparison of Long-Term Spectral and Broadband Infrared Measurements Trends at the ARM SGP Site, Atmospheric Systems Research (ASR) Annual Science Team Meeting, Potomoc MD, 17-21 Mar.
  5. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins (2013) Pan-Spectral Signatures of Climate Change and Prospects for Observational Constraints, 93rd Annual American Meteorological Society, Austin TX, 6-10 Jan.
  6. Feldman, D.R., D.M. Coleman, W.D. Collins, Y.L. Roberts, P. Pilewskie, Y. Huang, (2012) Characteristic of Observing Systems that Differentiate Climate Models According to Their Low-Cloud Feedback Strengths, 93(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract A21I-07.
  7. Feldman, D.R., D.M. Coleman, W.D. Collins (2012), Using Observational Simulations to Distinguish Low-Cloud Feedbacks in CCSM3 and CESM, CESM Workshop, Breckenridge, CO.
  8. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins (2011), Pan-Spectral Signatures of Climate Change and Prospects for Observational Constraints, EOS Transactions AGU, 92(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract GC11B-0910.
  9. Feldman, D.R., X. Huang, K.N. Liou, Y.L. Yung (2011), Atmospheric Cooling in the Far-Infrared, Far Infrared Workshop, Madison, WI.
  10. Collins, W.D., D.R. Feldman (2010), Climate Change Time-to-Detection Simulations using IPCC Models for Shortwave Forcings and Feedbacks, EOS Transactions AGU, 91(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract GC53C-04.
  11. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins (2010), Spectral Forcing and Feedback Signals in IPCC Simulations: Simulations of Next-Generation Observing Systems, EOS Transactions AGU, 91(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract GC41B-0896.
  12. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins, et al (2010), Observational System Simulation Experiments of CLARREO Shortwave Reflectance Spectra, 11th International Meeting on Statistical Climatology, Edinburgh, UK.
  13. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins, et al (2010), The Earth’s Reflected Shortwave Spectrum: Present and Future, 13th American Meteorological Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and Cloud Physics, Portland, Oregon.
  14. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins (2009), Detecting Aerosols and Greenhouse Gases Forcings using Shortwave CLARREO Spectra, EOS Transactions AGU, 90(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract GC51B-07.
  15. Collins, W.D., D.R. Feldman, (2009), Detecting Land Surface and Cloud Feedbacks using Shortwave CLARREO Spectra, EOS Transactions AGU, 90(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract GC51B-08.
  16. Feldman, D.R., W.D. Collins (2008), CLARREO Shortwave Observing System Simulation Experiment to Detect Forcing and Feedback, EOS Transactions AGU, 89(53), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract GC23A-0740.
  17. Feldman, D.R., K.N. Liou, Y.L. Yung, D. Johnson, M. Mlynczak (2007), Determination of atmospheric temperature, water vapor, and heating rates from mid-and far-infrared hyperspectral measurements, EOS Transactions AGU, 88(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract GC34A-02.
  18. Feldman, D.R., K.N. Liou, Y.L. Yung (2007), Remote Sensing of TTL Radiation Balance, 14th American Meteorological Conference on the Middle Atmosphere, Session on Recent Field Investigations of the TTL, Portland, OR.
  19. Feldman, D.R., K.N. Liou, Y.L. Yung (2006), Validation of a Direct Cooling Rate Retrieval Method Using AIRS and TES Data, EOS Transactions AGU, 87(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract A13B-0891.
  20. Feldman, D.R., L. Kuai, V. Natraj, Y.L. Yung (2006), Introductory Tools for Radiative Transfer Models, EOS Transactions AGU, 87(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract ED43B-0939.
  21. Feldman, D.R., K.N. Liou, Y.L. Yung, D. Tobin, L. Berk (2005), Direct Retrieval of Radiative Flux-Divergence and Radiative Forcing from Satellite Spectral Measurements, EOS Transactions AGU, 86(52), Fall Meeting Supplemental, Abstract A43B-0084.

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