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Division Office Conference Room
Photo by: Roy Kaltschmidt 
Earth Sciences Division Office Conference Room

Earth Sciences Division Office Staff

The Earth Sciences Division office staff listed on this page are your points of contact for general front office questions and division management topics. Directory listings to find ESD staff by Departments and points of contact in the Division's Workplace Resources are also available. ESD's main Division Office is located on the third floor of Building 74. Other Division front office suites are located in Buildings 70A and 84. To access a complete ESD Personnel Roster, go to the Division Staff Directory page.

Division Office Staff

Position Name Bldg. Rm. Phone
Division Director

Susan Hubbard

Website  Email

74 0310 (510) 486-5266
Division Deputy

Jens Birkholzer

Website   Email

74 0308 (510) 486-7134
Administrator to the Director

Yingying Kooyman


74 0316R (510) 486-4539
Senior Advisor

Ernie Majer

Website  Email

74 0312 (510) 486-6709
Business Manager

Peter K. Lau


74 0310 (510) 486-5570
Strategic Development and  
Communications Manager 

Maryann Villavert


74 0314 (510) 486-7357
Research Administration Manager

Lisa Kelly


74 0311 (510) 486-5041
Grace Miller 74 0316Q (510) 486-6726
Safety Coordinator Vivi Fissekidou

Website  Email

74B 0103 (510) 486-5610

HR Center Manager,
Energy Sciences Area

Rebecca Riggs

Website  Email

90 2063E (510) 486-4512
Sr. HR Partner for ESD
Tracy Bigelow

Website  Email

74A 0106 (510) 486-6065

Staff By Workplace Resource

If you need to help with a specific workplace topic (travel, purchasing, time reporting, proposal development, etc.), go to the Workplace Resources website and locate the Contact Us directory. You can also contact the Division's Front Office Staff for immediate questions.

Front Office Staff

Front Office Location
Administrative Contact
Bldg. Rm. Phone
74 Sara Hefty
74 313C (510) 486-6455
84 Valarie Espinoza-Ross 84 0373 (510) 486-5234
70A Karen Elliott 70A 3317A (510) 486-7659

Staff By Departments

Locate an individual by reviewing our Staff Directories organized by Department . You can also find the entire ESD Personnel Roster by going to the Division Staff Directory page.