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Enhao Du's Publications

  1. Du, Enhao, C. Rhett Jackson, Julian Klaus, James Greco, Perching and Interflow Occurrence over a Shallow Argillic Layer in a Low Relief Upper Coastal Plain Watershed. Submitted to Journal of Hydrology.
  2. Du, E., Link, T. E., Gravelle, J. A. and Hubbart, J. A. (2013), Validation and sensitivity test of the distributed hydrology soil-vegetation model (DHSVM) in a forested mountain watershed. Hydrol. Process.. doi: 10.1002/hyp.10110
  3. Du, Enhao, Timothy E Link, Liang Wei, John Marshall, Evaluating Hydrologic Effects of Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Forest Canopy Change Using Distributed Modeling. In preparation and to be submitted to Forest Science.
  4. Du, Enhao, Timothy E Link, John Abatzoglou, Evaluating the Potential Hydrologic Responses to Climate changes in an Inland Pacific Northwest Forested Watershed Using Numerical Modeling. In preparation and to be submitted to Climate Change.
  5. Wei, Liang, John D. Marshall, Timothy E. Link, Kathleen L. Kavanagh, Enhao Du, Robert E. Pangle, Peter J. Gag, Nerea Ubierna, Constraining 3-PG with a new  δ13C of tree rings. Plant, Cell & Environment, DOI: 10.1111/pce.12133. 
  6. Du, Enhao, Jiabao Zhang and Lisong Tang, 2001, Application of a solute transport model in field scale. Arid Zone Research, vol 18(1), 29-34
  7. Du, Enhao, Benhua Chen and Yuanzhang Yang, 2001, Density data of red soil nearby the ecological experimental station and its analysis by mathematical statistics. Research on Red Soil Ecosystem, vol 6, 142-145
  8.  Du, Enhao, Xinjun Cheng, Jiabao Zhang, Lisong Tang, 2002, Progress of the research on the combination of GIS with the model of solute transport in soil. Arid Land Geography. 6, 176-182 
  9. Seyfried, Mark., Enhao Du, Karen Humes, 2005, Dielectric Loss and Calibration of the Hydra Probe Soil Water Sensor, Vadose Zone Journal 4:1070-1079 
  10. Xu, Shaohui, Enhao Du and Jiabao Zhang, 2000, Analytical solution of several problems in ground water flows by finite difference method. Proceedings of National Conference of Hydraulic Dynamics, 126-134, Wuhan Hydraulic Engineering and Power University Press
  11.  Xu, Shaohui, Enhao Du and Jiabao Zhang, Numerical simulation of preferential transport of contaminants in soil. Pedosphere, 2001, vol 11(2), 131-136

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