Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Glenn Waychunas's Grants, Proposals, Thrust (EFRC/IRG/MRSEC) Programs

  1. 2011-2014 PI Experimental and Theoretical Geochemistry program LBNL Earth Sciences Division  Fundind: DOE BES Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences Program.  Request: $ 6,700,000
  2. 2010-2015 Lead Investigator, Thrust one, ESD EFRC on Carbon Sequestration (NCGC):  allocation- $1,400,000
  3. 2008-2011 PI Nanogeoscience Program LBNL Earth Sciences Division, Funding: DOE BES Chemical Sciences, Geosciences and Biosciences Program:  $ 2,850,000.
  4. 2007-2010 PI Imaging electronic and atomic redistribution during redox reactions at surfaces.  Funding: DOE BES Chemical Sciences. Requested funding:  $1,495,000.  Funded at full request
  5. 2005-2009 Institute collaborator.  Center for Environmental Kinetic Synthesis (CEKS).  Lead PI: Susan Brantley.  Funding: NSF EMSI program and DOE-BES.  Requested amount: $7,500,000 NSF; $4,000,000 DOE.  Funded at $6,000,000 NSF; $2,500,000 DOE.
  6. 2005-2007 co-PI  Toward an Understanding of  Biogeochemical Reaction rates and Pathways of Fe and Tc at the pore scale.  Funding: DOE BER (NABIR)   PI: Carl Steefel, co-PIs:  James Fredrikson, John Zachara, Allen Christian.  Requested amount: $1,071,500.   Not funded.
  7. 2005-2007 co-PI  How do interfacial phenomena control nanoparticle structure? Funding: DOE BES Chemical Sciences (nanotechnology).  Co-PIs: Jillian Banfield and James Rustad.  Requested amount: $1,100,000.  Funded at $900,000.
  8. 2005-2007 PI Molecular structure and processes at mineral-water interfaces.  Funding: DOE BES Geosciences. Co-PIs: J.A. Davis and Y.R. Shen.  Requested amount: $780,000. Funded at $600,000.
  9. 2002-2007 Institute Collaborator.  Institute for Actinide Interactions at Complex Environmental Interfaces.  Lead PI: Heino Nitsche. Other PIs: Russel Pitzer, Jillian Banfield, Jay Keasling, Kenneth Raymond and Garrison Sposito . Funding: NSF EMSI program and DOE-BES.  Requested amount: $7,500,000 NSF; $5,000,000 DOE.  Not funded.
  10. 2003-2005 co-PI Transuranic Interfacial Reaction Studies on Manganese Oxide-Hydroxide Mineral Surfaces.  PI: Heino Nitsche (LBNL, UCB).  Funding: DOE-BES.  Requested amount: $776,044.  Not funded.
  11. 2002-2004 PI LDRD  Environmental Nanoscience.  Funding: LDRD/LBNL, co-PI’s: Jillian Banfield (UCB), Hoi-Ying Holman (LBNL), and Paul Alivisatos (LBNL).  Requested amount: $900,000.  Funded at $600,000.
  12. 2002-2004 PI Complexation and Precipitation Processes on Mineral Surfaces.  Funding: DOE  BES Geosciences.  Co-PI’s: James Rustad (PNNL), James Davis (USGS) and Ron Shen (UCB).  Requested amount: $775,000.  Funded at $650,000.
  13. 2002-2004 co-PI  Experimental, theoretical, and model-based studies of crystallographically controlled self-assembly during growth of nanophase materials.  Funding: DOE nanoscale science program.  PI: Jillian Banfield (UCB).  Other co-PI: James Rustad (PNNL). Requested amount: $1,050,000.  Funded at requested level.
  14. 2001-2003 co-PI: GeoSoilEnviroCARS: A National Resource for Earth, Planetary, Soil and Environmental Science Research at the Advanced Photon Source.  Funding: DOE OER.  PI: Stephen Sutton (U. Chicago).  Other co-PI’s: Gordon Brown (Stanford), Peter Eng (U. Chicago), John Parise (SUNY Stonybrook), Joseph Pluth (U. Chicago) and Mark Rivers (U. Chicago).  Requested amount: $2,602,005.  Funded.
  15. 2000-2001 PI: Development of an integrated experimental program for the complete structural determination of the mineral-water interface.  Funding: LDRD/LBNL, co-PI’s: Ping Liu (CSD), Peter Eng (APS CARS/U. Chicago), James Rustad (PNNL) and David Shuh (CSD).  Requested amount $87,000.  Not funded.
  16. 2000-2002 PI: Sources and sinks of iron in marine productivity:  Characterization of iron speciation with Synchrotron X-ray and IR spectromicroscopy. Funding: DOE, Carbon Sequestration Research Program.   Co-PI’s Inez Fung (UCB), Jim Bishop (LBNL) and Hoi-Ying Holman (LBNL).  Requested amount: $900,000.  Not Funded
  17. 1999-2002 Co-PI: "Transuranic Interfacial Reaction Studies on Manganese Oxide-Hydroxide Mineral Surfaces."  Funding: DOE/EMSP  PI: Heino Nitsche (CSD)  other co-PI's: David Shuh (CSD), R. Jeff Serne (PNNL)  Requested amount: $ 900,000  Funded at $ 600,000.
  18. 1999-2003 Co-PI: "VUV/Soft X-ray Molecular Environmental Science Facility at the Advanced Light Source."  Funding: DOE/Chemical Sciences, PI: David K. Shuh, CSD, LBNL  Other PI's: Scott Chambers (PNNL), David Clark (LANL), John Gland (U. Michigan), Satish Myneni (Princeton), Anders Nilsson (Uppsala), Neville Smith (LBNL), Louis Terminello (LLNL), Brian Tonner (U. Central Florida), SamuelTraina (OSU).  Requested amount: $15,400,000.  Funded at $ 7,000,000.
  19. 1999-2000  PI: “XANES, GIXAFS, DAS and MD investigation of metal ion outer-sphere complexes on mineral surfaces: New simulation and experimental approaches.”  Funding: DOE/ LDRD to LBNL   requested amount:  $117,700.  Not funded.
  20. 1999-2001 PI: “Preferential binding of heavy metals and/or actinides by soil bacteria, and sequestration stability.”  Funding: DOE/NABIR  Co-PIs: J.C. Hunter-Cevera and F.F. Roberto.   requested amount: $1,087,671.  Not funded.
  21. 1999-2002 Co-PI: “Synchrotron Radiation Research for Molecular Environmental Science.”   Funding: DOE/strategic LDRD to LBNL, other PIs: D.K. Shuh (CSD), N.V. Smith (ALS), T. Tokunaga (ESD), G. Lamble (ESD) and S. Myneni (ESD)  requested amount: $427,400. (FY 1999)  Funded for $270,000.
  22. 1999-2000  Experimental participant, “Surface and Interface Theory for Experiment.”   Funding:  DOE/strategic LDRD to LBNL   PI: M. A. Van Hove (Materials Science Division), requested amount: $600,000.  Not funded.
  23. 1998-2001 PI: “Molecular-level studies of Fe-Al oxyhydroxide coating formation on quartz: nucleation and growth, effect of sorbed and dissolved silica, response to drying cycles, and sorption properties.”  Funding: DOE, Basic Energy Sciences, Geosciences, co-investigator: JA Davis  USGS  Menlo Park.   requested amount: $815,919.  Funded at ca.  $570,000.
  24. 1996-1999 Co-PI: "Detectors and Other Instrumentation for Research in Environmental Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory." Funding: DOE, Office of Energy Research   P.I.: G.E. Brown, Jr., requested amount: $781,000.  Funded.
  25. 1993-1997 Co-PI: "Synchrotron X-ray spectroscopic studies of Oxide Surfaces and oxide-water interfaces" Funding: NSF Geochemistry and Petrology.  Principal Investigators: G.E. Brown, Jr. and G.A. Parks. Other Co-investigators: T. Kendelewicz and W.E. Spicer.  Requested amount: $620,460.  Funded.
  26. 1993-1996  Senior Research Scientist, "Cation Chemisorption at Oxide Surfaces and Oxide-Water Interfaces: X-ray spectroscopic Studies and Modelling."  Funding: DOE, Office of Energy Research  P. I.s: G.E. Brown, Jr. and G. A. Parks.  Requested amount: $712,729.  Funded.
  27. 1994 Proposal to Hewlett-Packard Corporation for high speed workstation on which to perform molecular simulations of thin film interface structure and growth (with R. Route, Stanford, and R. Hiskis, HP Labs).  Funded for all required hardware. ca. $ 65,000.
  28. 1980-1984 Member of Center for Materials Research Thrust (IRG) program on Metastable Materials.  Involvement: Radial distribution function analysis of amorphous metallic alloys.
  29. 1993-1998 Member of CMR Oxide Surface Structure and Reactivity IRG (Interdisciplinary Research Group) Involvement: Glancing-incidence EXAFS and X-ray scattering studies of adsorbate complexes on mineral and oxide surfaces; CES and transmission Mössbauer spectroscopy of surface chemistry in Fe oxides; XAS studies of hematite and metal oxide surfaces; x-ray reflectivity of substrate surfaces; synthesis of model substrate materials.
  30. 1992 Proposal to IBM corporation for joint research with Dr. P.C. Chen on the structure of thin metal film/polymer interfaces.  Funded for $25,000.
  31. 1992  Proposal to Digital Equipment for computer facilities to assist EXAFS data analysis at CMR.  Amount requested $26,000.  Proposal not funded.
  32. 1990-1992 Associate Investigator, "Speciation of Transition Metals in Aqueous Solutions and Melts"Funding: NSF Geochemistry  Principal Investigator: Prof. Gordon Brown, Jr., Stanford University  Involvement: X-ray scattering and absorption studies of silicate melts and glasses; polarized EXAFS and near-edge studies of transition metal ions on surfaces.
  33. 1990  Proposal to Digital Equipment Corporation for a new local area network based on VAX 3300 and 5400 machines accepted as part of the Stanford Near West Campus gift allocation.  Funded. Total gift approx. $ 140,000.
  34. 1990  Proposal to Intel Corporation for a high speed computer work station for molecular simulation programming applications in the CMR X-ray diffraction laboratory.   Funded.   Total gift approx.  $26,000.
  35. 1986-1989 Associate Investigator, "Synchrotron Radiation studies of cation environments in minerals, glasses, melts and hydrothermal solutions"  Funding:  NSF Geochemistry   Principal Investigator:  Prof. Gordon Brown, Jr. Stanford Univ.  Involvement:  EXAFS, Differential anomalous scattering (DAS), XANES analysis of cation site geometries in geological materials at 77, 300 and 300-2000 K.  $450,000.
  36. 1985-1987 Associate Investigator, "Microstructure and surface properties of amorphous NixTi1-x"   Funding: Collaboration between C.N.R.S. (France) and NSF/DMR (USA).  Principal Investigator: Prof. Pierre Moine, Universite de Poitiers, Poitiers, France.  Involvement:  High temperature studies of NiTi melt structure using X-ray scattering  methods; EXAFS and XANES analysis of NiTi alloy structure.  $ 120,000.
  37. 1981-1983 Associate Investigator, "Spectroscopic studies on the structure and properties of silicate melts"   Funding: NSF Geochemistry  Prof. Gordon Brown, Jr. Stanford Univ. Principal Investigator.  Involvement: Mossbauer, electron spin resonance, RDF and EXAFS analysis of ion site geometries in silicate melts and glasses.  $360,000.

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