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Earth Sciences Division Staff: Hueijin Wang

Hueijin Wang

Hueijin Wang

Postdoctoral Fellow

Climate Sciences Department



Phone: 510-486-6397

Fax: 510-486-5686


Biographical Summary

My research focuses on applying quantitative analysis techniques to flux uncertainty problem. I link eddy covariance data to multi-model ensemble means to estimate actual CO2 fluxes and flux uncertainty within a Monte Carlo framework. I am also interested in evaluating land model performance and impacts of land cover and land change on estimates of carbon exchange.


  • Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
    Ph.D., Forestry, Dec. 2010
  • University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
    M.S., Forest Resources, May 2006M.S., Statistics, May 2006
  • National Taiwan University,Taipei, Taiwan
    B.S., Forestry, Jun 1999

Professional Experience

  • Post-Doctoral Associate, Jul. 2012 – Present
    Climate Change, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
    •  Apply quantitative analysis to flux uncertainty problem
  • Post-Doctoral Associate, Feb. 2011 – Dec. 2011
    Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Teach, Blacksburg, VA
    •  Quantify uncertainty of carbon trends in land cover/use of the coterminous USA
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Aug. 2007 – Dec. 2010
    Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Teach, Blacksburg, VA
    •  Quantify forest carbon and harvested carbon in managed loblolly pine forestsacross the southern United States by linking inventory data to existing empiricalforest models
  • Graduate Research Assistant, Jan. 2004 – May 2005
    Forest Resources, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
    •  Model tree-crown recession using linear mixed-effects models
  • Research Assistant, Nov. 1999 – Aug. 2003
    Institute of Zoology, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
    •  Assist research on diversity of insect communities in mangroves
    • Assist research on insecticide resistance of diamondback month that accounts forlocal-specific occurrence of carboxylesterase

Teaching Experience

  • Teaching Assistant, Aug. 2007 – Dec. 2009
    Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, Virginia Teach, Blacksburg, VA
    •  Introductory land and field measurements
    •  GIS applications in natural resource management
  • Teaching Assistant, Jun 2006 – Jul. 2007
    Health Care Organization Administration, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
    •  Simulation Analysis in Health Care Organization
  • Teaching Assistant, Aug. 2005 – May 2006
    Statistics, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
    •  Statistical methods
    •  Probability and Statistics


  • Annual Forestry Graduate Symposium Poster Award, 2009. Carbon storage ofcoarse woody debris produced in loblolly pine plantations of the Southern UnitedStates: from stand-level to regional scales (Virginia Tech)
  • American Statistical Association One-Year Membership Award, 2006 (U ofIdaho)
  • Presidential Awards, 1996 and 1998 (National Taiwan University)