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Earth Sciences Division Staff: Jeffrey Chambers

Jeffrey Chambers

Jeffrey Chambers


Climate Sciences Department



Phone: 510-495-2932

Fax: 510-486-5686


Biographical Summary

Jeffrey Q. Chambers is a Faculty Scientist in the Climate Sciences Department at Berkeley Lab, and an Associate Professor in the Geography Department, University of California, Berkeley.  His research questions are focused on terrestrial ecosystem ecology, tropical forests and climate change, disturbance and recovery processes, vegetation dynamics, and land-atmosphere interactions.  Methods employed to address these questions include ecological and physiological field measurements, remote sensing image analysis, and simulation modeling to codify knowledge and develop regional projections.  Much of this work has taken place in Amazon forests, where he has 20 years of research experience.


  • University of California, Santa Barbara
    Ph.D. Ecology – Oct. 1998 (Advisors: Josh Schimel and John Melack)
  • California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
    B.S. 1992 Biochemistry – Cum Laude

Professional Experience

  • University of California, Berkeley, Geography Department, Berkeley, CA. Associate Professor, July 2013 – Present.
  • Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Earth Sciences Division, Climate Sciences Department, Berkeley, CA. Faculty Scientist, August 2010 – Present.
  • National Institute of Amazon Research (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas na Amazônia – INPA) Research Faculty, Manaus, Brazil, Jan 1999 – Present.
  • Tulane University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Associate Professor July 2009 – July 2010 Assistant Professor, July 2003 – June 2009; and National Institute for Climatic Change Research (NICCR) Coastal Center, Co-Director, July 2006 – Present; New Orleans, LA.
  • University of California, Assistant Researcher II (from Jan. 2002) and Postdoctoral Researcher, Earth System Science, Irvine, CA, Oct 1998 – Sept 2003.
  • National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, Graduate Internship, Santa Barbara, CA. May 1997 – Sept 1998.
  • University of California, Research Assistant, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, Santa Barbara, CA, Sept 1992 – Sept 1998.
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), Research Assistant, Biogeochemical Cycles Group, Global Climate Research Division, Livermore, CA: Summers of 1992-95.

Collaborations & Affiliations

  • Collaborators: Sassan Saatchi (Caltech/JPL), Paul Moorcroft (Harvard), Dar Roberts (UC Santa Barbara), George Hurtt (Univ. of Maryland), Alon Angert (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Steve Frolking (Univ. of New Hampshire), Mark Powell (NOAA), Ashley Ballantyne (University of Colorado) Lee Dyer (Univ. of Nevada, Reno), Niro Higuchi (INPA, Manaus, Brazil), Bruce Nelson (INPA, Manaus,Brazil).
  • Thesis, Grad, and Post-Grad Advisors: John Melack (UC Santa Barbara) Josh Schimel (UC Santa Barbara), Jeff Amthor (DOE-LLNL), Susan Trumbore (UC Irvine).
  • Previous Advisees: RobinsonNegrón-Juárez (postdoc), Hongcheng Zeng (postdoc), Jeremy Fisher (postdoc), Thomas Shannon (postdoc), Angela Smilanich (Ph.D.), Tara Massad (Ph.D.), Theryn Henkel (Ph.D.), Sami Rifai (Ph.D.), Rebecca Hazen (Ph.D.), Elise Chapman (Masters).


  • American Geophysical Union (AGU)
  • Association for Tropical Biology & Conservation