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Jeffrey Chambers's Publications

  1. Chambers JQ, Negrón-Juárez RI, Marra DM, Di Vittorio AD, Tews J, Roberts D, Ribeiro HPM, Trumbore SE, Higuchi N. (2013) The steady-state mosaic of disturbance and succession across an old-growth Central Amazon forest landscape. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. doi/10.1073/pnas.1202894110
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  4. Angert, A., Muhr, J., Juarez, R.N., Munoz, W.A., Kraemer, G., Santillan, J.R., Chambers, J.Q., and Trumbore, S.E., (2012), The contribution of respiration in tree stems to the Dole Effect: Biogeosciences, 9:4037-4044.
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  6. Ballantyne A.P., Baker P.A., Chambers J.Q., Villalba R., Argollo J. (2011) Regional Differences in South American Monsoon Precipitation Inferred from theGrowth and Isotopic Composition of Tropical Trees. Earth Interactions 15:10.1175/2010EI1277.1171
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  12. Chambers J.Q., Sesser M., Carneiro V., Smith M.L., Plourde L. & Higuchi N. (2009) Hyperspectral remote detection of niche partitioning among canopy trees driven by blowdown gap disturbances in the Central Amazon. Oecologia 160: 107-117.
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