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Journal Publications (1996-1999)

  1. 1996 Vasco, D. W., Peterson, J. E., and Majer, E. L., A simultaneous inversion of seismic travel times and amplitudes for velocity and attenuation, Geophysics, 61, 1738-1757.
  2. 1997 Hubbard, S., Peterson, J.E., Majer, E.L., Zawislanski, P.T., Roberts, J., Williams, K.H. and Wobber, F., Estimation of permeable pathways and water content using tomographic radar data, The Leading Edge of Exploration, 16(11), 1623-1628.
  3. 1997 Majer, E.L., J.E. Peterson, T. Daley, B. Kaelin, L. Myer, J. Queen, P. D'Onfro and W.Rizer, Fracture detection using crosswell and single well surveys, Geophysics, 62, 495-504.
  4. 1997 Vasco, D. W., Peterson, J.E., and Lee, K., Ground penetrating radar tomography in inhomogeneous and anisotropic media, Geophysics, 62, 1758-1773.
  5. 1997 Wilt, M., Schenkel, C., Daley, T., Peterson, J., Majer, E., Murer, A.S.,
  6. Johnston, R.M., Klonsky, L., Mapping Steam and water flow in petroleum reservoirs, SPE Reservoir Engineering, November, 284-287.
  7. 1998 Vasco, D. W., Peterson, J. E., and Majer, E. L., Resolving seismic anisotropy: Sparse matrix methods for geophysical inverse problems, Geophysics, 63, 970-983.
  8. 1998 Pellerin, L., Gilbert, F., Hubbard, S., Peterson, J, and Dailey, W., Geophysical Verification of Subsurface Barriers, EEGS 11.
  9. 2005 Kowalsky, M., S. Finsterle, J. Peterson, S. Hubbard, Y. Rubin, E. Majer, A. Ward, and G. Gee, Estimation of field-scale soil hydraulic parameters and dielectric parameters through joint inversion of GPR/hydrological data, Water Resour. Res., 41, W11425, doi:10.1029/2005WR004237.

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Other Recent Publications (non-refereed) (1996-1999)

  1. 1996 Hubbard, S., Majer, E., Geller, J., Peterson, J. and Parsons, B., Permeability estimation using geophysical data, EOS 77(46), p. F220.
  2. 1997 Peterson, J.E., Jr. and K.H. Williams, Ground Penetrating Radar Results at the Box Canyon Site: 1996 Survey as part of Infiltration Test, LBNL-40915.
  3. 1997 Peterson, J.E and Williams K.H., To Assess the Effectiveness of the Ground Penetrating Radar Method in measuring moisture content in the Single Heater Test, Level 4 Milestone for WBS, SP9241M4.
  4. 1997 Pellerin, L., Gilbert, F., Reichhardt, D., Daley, T., Hubbard, S., Majer, E. and Peterson, J., Verification of subsurface barriers using integrated geophysical techniques, SAGEEP.
  5. 1997 Peterson, J.E. and Hubbard, S.S., Monitoring emplacement of contaminant barriers using high resolution crosshole geophysical data, Fall AGU.
  6. 1997 Peterson, J.E., Hubbard, S., Williams, K.H., Majer, E.L. and Zawislanski, P., Moisture content estimation using crosshole radar measurement, EOS78(17), p. s166.
  7. 1998 Majer, L., Gritto, R., Daley, T.M., Korneev, V.A., Feighner, M.A., Peterson, J.E., Full Scale Tomographic Seismic Imaging of the Potential Repository Horizon, YMP Milestone Report SP3B2FM4.
  8. 1998 Peterson. J.E., Hubbard, S.S., Williams, K.H., Roberts, J., Moisture migration using high-resolution time-lapse radar tomography, SEG New Orleans.
  9. 1998 Peterson, J.E and Williams K.H., Second Quarter TDIF Submission for the Drift Scale Test (hydrologic, radar and microseismic), YMP Milestone Report SP2930M4, DTN:LB980120123142.007.
  10. 1998 Peterson, J.E and Williams K.H., First Quarter TDIF Submission for the Drift Scale Test (hydrologic, radar and microseismic), YMP Milestone Report SP2770M4, DTN:LB980120123142.007.
  11. 1998 Peterson, J.E and Williams K.H., ESF Drift Scale Test as built data and baseline measurements (hydrologic, radar and microseismic), Chapter 5 of YMP Milestone Report SPY193M4, DTN:LB980120123142.007.
  12. 1999 Hubbard, S., Rubin, Y., Majer, E., Peterson, J. and Chang, J., Log-Permeability Estimation using Multiple, Co-located Geophysical Data sets within a Bayesian Framework, Spring AGU, Boston.
  13. 1999 Peterson, J.E., Jr, Majer, E.L., and Knoll, M.D., Hydrogeological Property Estimation Using Tomographic Data at the Boise Hydrogeophysical Research Site, SAGEEP.
  14. 1999 Daley, T.M., Peterson, J.E., and Majer, E.L., Simultaneous Acquisition of P- and S-Wave Crosswell Seismic Profiles in a Contaminated Basalt Aquifer, SAGEEP.
  15. 1999 Tsang, Y.W., Apps, J., Birkholzer, J.T., Frieifeld, B., Hu, M.Q., Peterson, J.E., Sonnenthal, E., Spycher, N., Yucca Mountain Single Heater Test Final Report, LBNL-42537.
  16. 1999 Tsang, Y.W., Apps, J., Birkholzer, J.T., Peterson, J.E., Sonnenthal, E., Spycher, N., and Williams, K.H., Yucca Mountain Drift Scale Test Progress Report, LBNL-42538.

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