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Joseph (Joe) Wang's Publications

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Recent Publications Most Closely Related to the Proposed Project

  1. Seismic Correlation and Coupling from Underground, Surface, to the Ionosphere. J.S.Y. Wang and G. Waysand, 2009. Am. Geophys. Union Fall Meeting, NH31c-1132.
  2. Interdisciplinary and International Deep Underground Science, Engineering and Technology Laboratories, J.S.Y. Wang, Y. Guglielmi, S. Gaffet, and G. Waysand, 2009. Proc. ISRM-Sponsored Int. Symp. — Rock Characterization, Modeling, and Engineering Design Methods, SINOROCK2009, Paper 312, p. 213 in proc. and pp. 892-896 in CD.
  3. The Role of Sandlines between Levels in the DUSEL Study: Carbon in Hydrological Environment for Enhanced Retention and Sequestration, .J.S.Y Wang, 2008, AGU Fall Mtg. H53A-1005..
  4. Earth Science Collaborations for Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory, J.S.Y. Wang, 2007. In Rock Mechanics: Meeting Society’s Challenges and Demands, E. Eberhardt, D. Stead, &T. Morrison (eds.) Proc. 1st  Canada-U.S. Rock Mechanics Symp., May 27-31, Vancouver, vol. 2, 1105-1113.
  5. A Geoneutrino Experiment at Homestake, Tolich, N. Tolich, Y. -D. Chan, C. A. Currat, B. K. Fujikawa, R. Henning, K. T. Lesko, A. W. P. Poon, M. P. Decowski, J. Wang and K. Tolich, 2006. Earth, Moon, and Planets, 99, 229-240, DOI 10.1007/s11038-006-9112-8.

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Other Selected Publications

  1. In Situ Field Testing of Processes, Report for Yucca Mountain Project, rev. 2000, 01, 03, and 04. J.S.Y. Wang,
  2. Evolution of the Unsaturated Zone Testing at Yucca Mountain, J.S.Y.,Wang, J.S.Y., and G.S. Bodvarsson, 2003.  Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, Special Issue 62-63: 337-360.
  3. Field Tests and Model Analyses of Seepage into Drift, J.S.Y. Wang, R.C. Trautz, P.J. Cook, S. Finsterle, A. James, and J. Birkholzer, 1999. J. Contaminant Hydro., 38 (1-3), 323-347.
  4. Flow and Transport in Fractured Rocks, J.S.Y. Wang, J.S.Y., 1991. Rev. Geophys., 29(S), 254-262.
  5. Hydrologic Mechanisms Governing Fluid Flow in a Partially Saturated, Fractured Porous-Medium, J.S.Y., Wang, J.S.Y., and T.N. Narasimhan, 1985.  Water Resour. Res, 21(12) 1861-1874.

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