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    1. Jardine K, Chambers J, Oikawa P, Fuentes J, Fernandez de Souza V, Garcia S, Concalves Jose, Manzi A, Higuchi N, Bill M, Porras R, Niinemets U (2015) Integration of C1 and C2,3 metabolism in Trees, Plant Cell and Environment, in review.
    2. Jardine A, Jardine K, Fuentes J, Martin S, Martins G, Durgante F, Carneiro V, Higuchi N,  Manzi A, Chambers J (2015) Highly-reactive light-dependent monoterpenes in the Amazon Basin, Geophysical Research Letters, 42.
    3. Jardine K, Yañez-Serrano A, Williams J, Kunert N, Jardine A, Taylor T, Abrell L, Artaxo P, Guenther A, Hewitt C.N., House E., Florentino A P, Manzi A, Kesselmeier J, Behrendt T, Veres P R, Derstroff B, Fuentes J, Martin S, Andreae M O (2015) Dimethyl Sulfide in the Amazon Forest, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, early view online.
    4. Yañez-Serrano A, Nölscher A, Williams J, Wolff S, Alves E, Martins G, Bourtsoukidis E, Brito J, Jardine K., Artaxo P, and Kesselmeier J. (2014) Diel and seasonal changes of biogenic volatile organic compounds within and above an Amazonian Rainforest site. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 14, 29159-29208.
    5. Jardine K, Chambers J, Alves E, Tiexiera A, Garcia S, Holm J, Higuchi N, Manzi A, Abrell L, Fuentes J, Nielsen L, Torn M, Vickers C (2014). Dynamic balancing of isoprenoid intermediates reflect leaf photosynthetic and photorespiratory responses to temperature stress. Plant Physiology, 166: 1-14.
    6. Holm J, Jardine K, Guenther A, Chambers J, Tribuzy E (2014) Evaluation of MEGAN-CLM parameter sensitivity to predictions of isoprene emissions from an Amazonian rainforest. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 14: 23995-24041.
    7. Niinemets U, Fares S, Harley P, Jardine K (2014) Bidirectional exchange of biogenic volatiles with vegetation.  Plant Cell and Environment, 37(8): 1790-1809.
    8. Alves E., Harley P., Gonçalves F., & Jardine K (2014). Effects of temperature on isoprene emission of the tropical tree species Eschweilera coriacea during leaf phenology in the central Amazon. Acta Amazonica, 44(1): 9-18.
    9. Jardine K, Wegener F, Abrell L, van Haren J, Werner C (2014) Phytogenic biosynthesis and emission of methyl acetate. Plant Cell and Environment, 37: 414-424.
    10. Jardine J, Meyers K, Abrell L, Alves E, Yanez Serrano A, Kesselmeier J., Karl T, Guenther A, Vickers C, Chambers J (2013) Emissions of putative isoprene oxidation products from mango under abiotic stress. Journal of Experimental Botany, 64: 3669-3679.
    11. Jardine K, Norman J, Abrell L, Monson R, Barron-Gafford G, Meyers K, Pavao-Zuckerman M, Dontsova K, Kleist E, Werner C, and Huxman T (2012) Green leaf volatiles and oxygenated metabolite emission bursts from mesquite branches following light-dark transitions. Photosynthesis Research, 113:321-333.
    12. Jardine K, Abrell L, Jardine A, Saleska S, Arneth A, Monson R, Karl T, Goldstein A, Fares S, Loreto F, & Huxman T (2012) Within-plant isoprene oxidation confirmed by direct emissions of oxidation products methyl vinyl ketone and methacrolein. Global Change Biology 18(3):973-984.
    13. Jardine K, Abrell, L, Yanez Serrano, A, Arneth A, Alves E, Kesselmeier J., Huxman T., Saleska S., Jardine A., Taylor T., and Artaxo P (2011) Ecosystem-scale compensation points of formic and acetic acid in the central Amazon. Biogeosciences 8: 3709-3720.
    14. Jardine K, Abrell, L., Yanez Serrano, A. M., Arneth, A., Yoko Ishida, F., Huxman, T., Saleska, S., Jardine, A., Karl, T., and Artaxo, P. (2011) Within-Canopy Sesquiterpene Ozonolysis in Amazonia. J. Geophys. Res., 116, D19301.
    15. Karl T, Harley P, Emmons L, Thornton B, Guenther A, Basu C, Turnipseed A & Jardine K (2010) Efficient atmospheric cleansing of oxidized organic trace gases by vegetation. Science 330: 816-819.
    16. Jardine K, Sommer E, Saleska S, Huxman T, Harley P & Abrell L (2010) Gas-phase measurements of pyruvic acid and its volatile metabolites. Environmental Science & Technology 44: 2454-2460.
    17. Jardine K, Abrell L, Kurc SA, Huxman T, Ortega J & Guenther A (2010) Volatile organic compound emissions from Larrea tridentata (creosotebush). Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 10: 12191-12206.
    18. Jardine K, Karl T, Lerdau M, Harley P, Guenther A & Mak JE (2009) Carbon isotope analysis of acetaldehyde emitted from leaves following mechanical stress and anoxia. Plant Biology 11: 591-597.
    19. Jardine K, Henderson W, Huxman T & Abrell L (2010) Dynamic Solution Injection: a new method for preparing pptv & ppbv standard atmospheres of volatile organic compounds. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 3: 1569-1576.
    20. Jardine K, Harley P, Karl T, Guenther A, Lerdau M & Mak JE (2008) Plant physiological and environmental controls over the exchange of acetaldehyde between forest canopies and the atmosphere. Biogeosciences 5: 1559-1572.
    21. Karl T, Guenther A, Turnipseed A, Patton EG & Jardine K (2008) Chemical sensing of plant stress at the ecosystem scale. Biogeosciences 5: 1287-1294.
    22. Karl T, Harley P, Guenther A, Rasmussen R, Baker B, Jardine K & Nemitz E (2005) The bi-directional exchange of oxygenated VOCs between a loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) plantation and the atmosphere. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 5: 3015-3031.

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          Biogenic volatile organic compounds in Amazonian forest ecosystems, Jardine K and Jardine A, Chapter 4, The Large-scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Programme in Amazonia (Springer, Ecological Studies). Editors: L. Nagy, B. Forsberg, P. Artaxo (in press) 

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