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Earth Sciences Division Staff: Larry Myer

Larry Myer

Larry Myer


Energy Resource Program Leader

Geophysics Department


Phone: 510-486-6456

Fax: 510-486-5686


Biographical Summary

Dr. Myer has research management experience in the areas of fossil energy and carbon sequestration.  As Energy Resources Program Head, he was responsible for programmatic leadership of the ESD oil, gas and geothermal research program, a multidisciplinary effort focused on reservoir characterization and monitoring, and optimization of reservoir performance. He has been leading research in geologic sequestration since 1999, and became the Program Head when geologic sequestration became a separate research program in ESD in 2006.  He currently leads The West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (WESTCARB) which is evaluating carbon dioxide capture, transport, and sequestration technologies, involving both terrestrial and geologic options, for the region comprising Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.  He is widely recognized as an expert in the science and technology of geologic sequestration.

Dr. Myer’s research experience as a Principal Investigator spans a wide range from basic theoretical and laboratory investigations of rock properties and processes to field measurements of rock behavior and instrumentation development.  Basic research activities have been directed at understanding the microprocesses associated with deformation and failure of rock, seismic wave propagation, and fluid flow in fractured porous media.  A particular focus has been the mechanical, hydrologic and seismic properties of single fractures with the development of new theoretical concepts accompanied by laboratory and field validation experiments.


  • 1973–1977 Ph.D. in Engineering, Major Field—Geological  Engineering; Minor Fields—Soil Mechanics and Engineering Analysis; University of California, Berkeley.  Dissertation: “An Investigation of Stand–Up Time of Tunnels in Squeezing Ground.”
  • 1972–1973 M.Sc. in Engineering, Major Field—Geological Engineering; University of California, Berkeley.
  • 1968–1972 B.Sc. in Engineering, Department of Engineering Mechanics, with supplemental courses from Department of Geosciences, Pennsylvania State University.

Professional Experience

  • California Energy Commission, Public Interest Energy Research Program, Sacramento, California, 2004-present
    • Position held:  WESTCARB Technical Director
  • Earth Sciences Division (ESD), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California, 1979–present.
  • Positions held:
    • Head, Energy Resources Program, 1998-2002.
    • Head, Energy Resources Department, 1996-1998.
    • Head, Geoscience Measurements Center, 1993–1996.
    • Coordinator, DOE Office of Basic Energy Sciences Geosciences Program, 1989–1993.
    • Principal Investigator, 1979–present.
  • Golder Associates, Kirkland, Washington, 1977-1979
    • Position held:  Geotechnical Engineer

Honors and Awards

  • U.S. National Committee for Rock Mechanics: Basic Research Award, 1991

Laboratory Service

Professional Activities (September 1,1995-December 31, 1998):

  • 1991 International Society of Rock Mechanics: Chairman of Organizing Committee, Fractured and Jointed Rock Masses Conference
  • 1991—1992 National Research Council: Member of Committee on Fracture Characterization and Fluid Flow
  • 1998 International Society of Rock Mechanics: Member of Commission on Application of Geophysics in Rock Engineering
  • 1998 American Rock Mechanics Association: Organizing Committee for Forum on New Directions for U.S. Rock Mechanics
  • 1998 Co-chair of Organizing Committee, Neville Cook Conference

Research Supervision

  • 1995 L. Hilbert, "Substructuring and Domain Decomposition Ph.D. Failure Analysis Assoc. Techniques for Analysis of Discontinuous Media"
  • 1995 G. Hesler, "The Effects of Discontinuities on the Ph.D. Seismic properties of Rocks"
  • 1998 J. Fan, "Overlap Domain Decomposition Ph.D. Technique for Modeling Wave Propagation"
  • 1998 S. Nakagawa, "Acoustic Resonance Characteristics of Ph.D. Rock and Concrete Containing Fractures"