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    1. Guilham, Aurelei, Lawrence Hutchings, Doug Dreger and Lane Johnson (2013) Moment Tensor Inversions of Small Earthquakes in the Geysers Geothermal Fields, California. Submitted Journal Geophy Res.
    2. Papoulia, J., Y. M. Fahjan, L. Hutchings, and Tatyana Novikova (2012) Physically Based Prediction of Broadband Strong Ground-Motion Hazards in the Saronikos Gulf, Greece, from a Potential M=6.5 Earthquake. In review, Journal of Geophysics.
    3. Hutchings, L. and Gisela Viegas (2012) Application of Empirical Green's Functions in Earthquake Source, Wave Propagation and Strong Ground Motion Studies".  Earthquake Research and Analysis, New Frontiers in Seismology, chapter 3, pp. 87 – 140. Edited by Sebastiano D'Amico,  InTech Publishing, on-line link:
    4. Godoladze, Tea, Lawrence Hutchings, and Z. Javakhishvili (2012) Seismo-tectoncs and Earthquake Hazards of the Tbilisi Area, Republic of Georgia. In review,  Bollettino Di Geofisica Teorica 
    5. Bonner, Brian and Lawrence Hutchings (2011) Rock Physics Interpretations for Reservoir Properties from Micro-earthquake Recordings. submitted GEOPHYSICS, GEO-2011-0031.
    6. Hutchings, Lawrence, Steve Jarpe, Katie Boyle, Gisela Viegas, and Ernest Majer (2011) Inexpensive, Automated Micro-Earthquake Data Collection and Processing System for Rapid, High-Resolution Reservoir Analysis. Geothermal Res. Council, Transactions, 2011 Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA
    7. Viegas, G. and L. J. Hutchings (2011). Characterization of induced seismicity near an injection well at the Northwest Geysers geothermal field, California, Geothermal Resources Council Transactions, 35.
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    11. Scognamiglio, Laura and Lawerence Hutchings (2009) A test of a physically-based strong ground motion prediction methodology with the 27 September 1997, Mw = 6.0 Colfiorito (Umbria-Marcha sequence), Italy earthquake. Tectonophysics  476, 145-158.
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    15. McCallen, D.B, A. Astaneh-Asl, S.C. Larsen and L. J. Hutchings (2009)  The Response of Long-Span Bridges to Low Frequency, Near-Fault Earthquake Ground Motions. TCLEE 2009: Lifeline Earthquake Engineering in a Multihazard Environment ©2009 ASCE 165.
    16. Boyle, Katie, Lawrence Hutchings, Brian Bonner, Bill Foxall, and Paul Kasameyer (2007) Double Difference Earthquake Locations and Tomography at the Salton Sea Geothermal Reservoir. Geothermal Res. Council, Transactions, 14, 2 Annual Meeting, Reno, NV.
    17. Hutchings, Lawrence, Eleni Ioannidou, Ioannis Kalogeras, Nicholas Voulgaris, Jean  Savy, William Foxall, Laura Scognamiglio, and George Stavrakakis (2007) A physically based strong ground-motion prediction methodology; Application to PSHA and the 1999 M=6.0 Athens Earthquake. Geophys. J. Int. 168, 569-680.
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    19. McCallen, D., A. Astaneh-Asl, S. Larsen, and L. Hutchings (2006) Dynamic Response of The Suspension Spans of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. LLNL, UCRL-CONF-216798. Proceedings of eighth U.S. National Conference on Earthquake Engineering. April 18-22, 2006, San Francisco,  pp. 10. proceedings EERI conference April, 2006.
    20. Kasameyer, Paul W., Lawrence Hutchings, Michael F. Ellis (2005) MEMS-based INS Tracking of Personnel in a GPS-denied Environment. ION GNSS 18th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division.
    21. Gok, Rengin and Lawrence Hutchings (2004) Broadband Green's Functions for the 1999 Marmara Earthquake Region Based on Local Earthquake Recordings. American Geophysical Union, Spring Meeting 2004, abstract.
    22. Mayer, Alan, Hutchings, Lawrence J. and Paul W. Kasameyer ( 2002) Tomographic imaging of the geologic structure in the Salton Sea Geothermal Field . The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, vol. 112, no. 5, p. 2380-2389.
    23. Ioannidou, Eleni, Ioannis Kalogeras, Nicholas Voulgaris, Lawrence Hutchings, and George Stavrakakis (2001) Analysis of Site Response in the Athens Area from the 7 September 1999, Mw=5.9 Athens Earthquake and Aftershock Recordings, and Intensity. Special Issue on Site Response, Bollettino di Geofisica teorica ed applicata , V 42, 183-208. Trieste, Italy.
    24. Baise, Laurie, Lawrence Hutchings, and Steven Glaser (2001) Analysis of Site Response at Yerba Buena Island, San Francisco Bay, California from Weak Motion Recordings. Special Issue on Site Response, Bollettino di Geofisica teorica ed applicata, V 42 219-243. Trieste, Italy.
    25. Berge, Patricia, Lawrence Hutchings, Jeffrey Wagoner, and Paul Kasameyer (2001) Rock Physics Interpretation of P-wave Q and Velocity Structure, Geology, Fluids and Fractures at the Southeast Portion of The Geysers Geothermal Reservoir. Geothermal Res. Council, Transactions, 14, 2001 Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.
    26. Kasameyer, Paul, Albert Smith, and Lawrence Hutchings (1999) Microseismicity Survey of the El Hoyo-Monte Galan Geothermal Region in Nicaragua, Regional Geothermal Conference, Nicaragua.
    27. Hutchings, Lawrence (project design and manager), Cynthia Hayek, Jennifer Hollfelder, Steven Jarpe, Elizabeth Foote, and Christie Turpin (1998) "Whole Lot of Shaking” Education curriculum and software for high school science students.
    28. Mualchin, Lalliana, Pat Hipley, Lawrence Hutchings, Jennifer Hollfelder, Steve Jarpe, and Kazuoh Seo (1998) Wave Propagation along the San Francisco, California Bay Bridge. proceedings, Second International Symposium on the Effects of Surface Geology on Seismic Motion, Yokohama, Japan, December 1-3, pp 22-31.
    29. Hutchings, L., F.T. Wu, R.-J. Rau, S. Jarpe, P. Kasameyer, W. Foxall (1997) Strong Ground Motion Synthesis along the Sanyi-Tungshih-Puli Seismic Zone using Empirical Green’s Functions. proceedings, 1997Central Weather Bureau 100th Anniversary International Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, Taipei, Taiwan, pp 22-33, March 3-5,1997.
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    34. Hutchings, L., P. Kasameyer, P. Goldstein, and S. Jarpe (1994) Modeling the NPE with Finite Sources and Empirical Green's Functions. Proceedings of the Non-Proliferation Experimental Results and Implications for Test Ban Treaties, M. D. Denny, editor, L.L.N.L., Livermore, CA, Conf-9404100.
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      1. Hutchings, Lawrence, Katie Boyle, Brian Bonner, Paul Kasameyer, Nathaniel Lindsey, Laura Bendernagel (2010) Structure of the Salton Sea Geothermal Field from Interpretations of Passive Microearthquake Recordings. Final Report: PIER Project, California Energy Commission, Contract no. B/A IT.33600010381. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, in review.
      2. Godoladze, Tea, Dina Hunt, Fuad Aliyev, Avetis Arakelyan, Dogan Kalafat, Zurab Javakhishvi, Behruz Panahi, Valery Arzumanyan, and Lawrence Hutchings (2006) Data Achieved for Events in the Caucasus for the CauSIN Collaboration Project. UCRLJC123760.
      3. Hutchings, Lawrence, Bill Foxall, Paul Kasameyer, Shawn Larsen, Cindy Hayek, Christy TylerTurpin, Jennifer Aquilino, and Laura Long (2005) Deep Borehole Instrumentation along San Francisco Bay Bridges: 1996 – 2003 and Strong Ground Motion Synthesis along the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge. Final Report July 15, 2005. Also, annual progress reports. Caltrans contract no. 59A0238. UCRLTR2117303
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      5. Hutchings, Lawrence (2002) Program NetMoment, a Simultaneous Inversion for Moment, Source Corner Frequency, and Site Specific t*. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, UCRLID 135693.
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