Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Earth Sciences Division Staff: Marilyn Saarni

Marilyn Saarni

Marilyn Saarni

Senior Administrator, Climate and Carbon Sciences Program

Project Coordinator, AmeriFlux Management Program

LBNL ESD: Climate Sciences Dept 



Phone: 510-486-7789

Fax: 510-486-7897



Additional Information

  • profile
  • Education:
    Earth Sciences, A.B., University of California, Berkeley
    Web Design Intensive, San Francisco State University Multimedia Studies Program 
  • Awards:
    Superior performance awards (3x, UCB)
    Multiple spot awards
    National Merit Scholar 
  • Professional Experience:
    Technical writer and scientific editor (15+ years experience)
    Mac geek since 1989
    Extensive research administration experience
    More than 25 years service at UCB, LBNL and UCOP  

Biographical Summary

Marilyn, along with colleague Rosie Davis, provides programmatic support to Margaret Torn (co-Head), Bill Collins (co-Head) and other researchers of the Climate and Carbon Sciences Program in the Earth Sciences Division. She is also project coordinator for the U.S. DOE-sponsored AmeriFlux Management Program, which is led by Margaret Torn. 

Marilyn has worked within the UC system off and on since 1971, earning a BA at UC Berkeley in Earth Sciences with a focus on land use and risk assessment. This work history includes a stint as a mining engineering research technician and substitute campanile bell ringer. She takes great pleasure in being able to work in the scientific research environment.