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Nicolas Spycher's Publications

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Recent and Selected Publications

  1. Spycher, N.F., M. Issarangkun, B. Stewart, S.S. Sengor, E. Belding, T. Ginn, B. Peyton, and R.K. Sani,  2011. Biogenic uraninite precipitation and its reoxidation by iron(III) (hydr)oxides: A reaction modeling approach. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 75, 4426–4440.

  2. Xu, T., Spycher N., Sonnenthal E., Zhang G., Zheng L. and Pruess, K., 2011, TOUGHREACT Version 2.0: A simulator for subsurface reactive transport under non-isothermal multiphase flow conditions, Computers & Geosciences 37, 763–774.
  3. Spycher, N., Pruess, K., 2010.  A Phase-partitioning model for CO2-brine mixtures at elevated temperatures and pressures:   Application to CO2-enhanced geothermal systems.  Transport in Porous Media 82:173–196.
  4. Moberly J.G., Borch T., Sani  R.K, Spycher N.F., Sengor S., Ginn T.R., Peyton B., 2009.  Heavy metal–mineral associations in Coeur d’Alene River sediments: a synchrotron-based analysis.  Water, Air, Soil Pollut., 201, 195–208.
  5. Zhang, G., Spycher, N., Sonnenthal, E., Steefel, C. And  Xu, T., 2008. Modeling reactive multiphase flow and transport of concentrated solutions, Journal of Nuclear Technology, 164(2), 180 – 195.
  6. Sengor, S.S., Spycher, N.F., Ginn, T.R., Sani, R.K., and B. Peyton, B., 2007. Biogeochemical reactive-diffusive transport of heavy metals in Lake Coeur d’Alene sediments. Applied Geochemistry, 22, 2569-2594.
  7. Sengör, S.S., Spycher, N.F., Ginn, T.R., Moberly, J., Peyton, B., & Sani, R.K., 2007.  Reductive dissolution and metal transport in Lake Coeur d’Alene sediments.  In Water-Rock Interaction, WRI-12 (Bullen T.  and Wang Y., eds.), Taylor & Francis, New York, 895-899.
  8. Pruess, K. and Spycher, N., 2007.  ECO2N – A Fluid property module for the TOUGH2 code for studies of CO2 storage in saline aquifers.  Energy Conversion and Management, 48 (6), 1761-1767.
  9. Mukhopadhyay S., Sonnenthal E. L., and N. Spycher, 2006.  Modeling coupled thermal-hydrological-chemical processes in the unsaturated fractured rock of Yucca Mountain, Nevada: Heterogeneity and seepage. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 31, 626-633.
  10. Xu, T., Sonnenthal E., Spycher N., and Pruess, K., 2006, TOUGHREACT - A simulation program for non-isothermal multiphase reactive geochemical transport in variably saturated geologic Media: applications for geothermal injectivity and CO2 geologic sequestration. Computers and Geosciences, 32, 145-165.
  11. Spycher N. and Larkin R., 2005. A study on chemical interaction between waste, native fluid, and host rock during deep well injection.  Underground Injection of Industrial and Hazardous Waste (C.F. Tsang and J.A. Apps, eds.), Developments in Water Science, 52, 313-326.
  12. Spycher N. and Pruess K., 2005. CO2-H2O Mixtures in the Geological Sequestration of CO2. II.  Partitioning in chloride brines at 12-100°C and up to 600 bar. Geochimica Cosmochim. Acta, 69, 3309-3320.
  13. Spycher N., Sonnenthal E., Kneafsey T., Dobson P., 2004.  An integrated approach to predict coupled processes at a nuclear waste repository.  In Water-Rock Interaction, WRI-11 (Wanty R.B. and Seal R.R., eds.), Balkema Publishers, New York, pp. 995-998.
  14. Spycher N., Sonnenthal E., and J. Apps, 2003.  Prediction of fluid flow and reactive transport around potential nuclear waste emplacement tunnels at Yucca Mountain, Nevada.   J. of Contaminant Hydrology, 62-63, 653-674.
  15. Spycher N., Pruess K., and Ennis-King J., 2003. CO2-H2O Mixtures in the Geological Sequestration of CO2. I.  Assessment and calculation of mutual solubilities from 12 to 100°C and up to 600 bar. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta, Vol. 67, 3015-3031.
  16. Xu, T., Sonnenthal, E., Spycher, N., Pruess, K., and G. Brimhall, 2001. Modeling multiphase non-isothermal fluid flow and reactive geochemical transport in variably saturated fractured rocks:  2. Applications to supergene copper enrichment and hydrothermal flows,  American Journal of Science, 301, 34-59.
  17. Spycher N.F. and M.H. Reed, 1989. Evolution of a Broadlands-type epithermal ore fluid along alternative P-T paths: implications for the transport and deposition of base, precious, and volatile metals.  Economic Geology, 84, 328-359.
  18. Spycher N.F. and M.H. Reed, 1989. As(III) and Sb(III) sulfide complexes: An evaluation of stoichiometry and stability from existing experimental data.  Geochimica Cosmochim. Acta, 53, 2185-2194.
  19. Reed M. H. and N. F. Spycher, 1984.  Calculation of pH and mineral equilibria in hydrothermal waters with application to geothermometry and studies of boiling and dilution.  Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, vol. 48, p.1479-1492.


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