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Shaun T. Brown's Publications

  1. Brown, S.T., Kennedy, B.M., Evans, W.C., DePaolo, D.J. (In Prep) “An Isotopic approach to quantifying fluid evolution in the Long Valley Hydrothermal System
  2. Brown, S.T., Yogodzinski, G.M., Vervoort, J.D., Gerseny, M.G., (In Prep) “Hafnium Depletions in Aleutian Lavas: Implications for HFSE mobility in subduction zones”
  3. Ewing, S.A., Christensen, J.N., Brown, S.T., VanCuren, T., Cliff, S.S., DePaolo, D.J. (submitted) “The Asian Contribution to Air Pollution in California” Environmental Science and Technology
  4. Gerseny, M.G., Yogodzinski, G.M., Brown, S.T., Vervoort, J.D. (submitted) “Subduction Controls of Hf and Nd Isotopes in Lavas of the Aleutian Island Arc” Earth and Planetary Science Letters
  5. Brown, S.T., Kennedy, B.M., DePaolo, D.J., Evans, W.C. (2008) “Isotopic Constraints on the Chemical Evolution of Geothermal Fluids, Long Valley, CA” GRC Transactions, Vol. 32
  6. Faybishenko, B, Hazen, TC, Long, PE, Brodie, EL, Conrad, ME, Hubbard, SS, Christensen, JN, Joyner, D, Borglin, SE, Chakraborty, R, Williams, KH, Peterson, JE, Chen, J, Brown, ST, Tokunaga, TK, Wan, J, Firestone, M, Newcomer, DR, Resch, CT, Cantrell, KJ, Willett, A, and Koenigsberg, A (2008) In Situ Long-Term Reductive Bioimmobilization of Cr(VI) in Groundwater Using Hydrogen Release Compound. Environmental Science & Technology, v.42, pp 8478–8485.

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