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Tamas Torok's Publications

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Selected Publications

    1. Thrash, J.C., Pollock, J., Torok, T., and Coates, J.D. 2009. Description of the novel perchlorate­reducing bacteria Dechlorobacter hydrogenophilus gen. nov., sp. nov. and Propionivibrio militaris sp. nov. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 86:335-343.
    2. Thrash, J.C., Ahmadi, S., Torok, T., Coates, J.D. 2010. Magnetospirillum bellicus sp. nov., a novel dissimilatory perchlorate-reducing bacterium in the alphaproteobacteria isolated from a bioelectrical reactor. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., 2010 May 21 (Epub ahead of print).
    3. Baker, S.E., Thykaer, J., Adney, W.S., Brettin, T.S., Brockman, F.J., D’Haeseleer, P., Martinez, A.D., Miller, R.M., Rokhsar, D.S., Schadt, C.W., Torok, T., Tuskan, G., Bennett, J., Berka, R.M.,Briggs, S.P., heitman, J., Taylor, J., Gillian-Turgeon, B., Werner-Washburne, M., and Himmel, M.E. 2008. Fungal genome sequencing and bioenergy. Fungal Biol.Rev., 30:1-5.
    4. Andreeva, L.S., Pechurkina, N.I., Morozova, O.V., Ryabchikova, E.I., Belikov, S.I., Puchkova, L.I.,Emelyanova, E.K., Torok, T., and Repin, V.E. 2007. Roseomonas baikalica sp. nov., a newbacterial species isolated from core samples collected by deep-hole drilling at the bottom ofLake Baikal. Microbiology 76:1-8.
    5. Andreeva, L.S., Repina, M.V., Oreshkova, S.F., Ryabchikova, E.I., Puchkova, L.I., Blinova, N.N.,Repina, M.V., Pechurkina, N.I., Torok, T., and Repin, V.E. 2005. Genomic and phenotypicanalysis of microorganisms isolated from the sediments of Lake Baikal. Microbiology74:709­-714.
    6. Repin, V., Torok, T., Degtyarev, S., Abdurashitov, M., Puchkova, L., Andreeva, I., Pechurkina, N.,Hunter-Cevera, J. C., Geletij, V., and Kuzmin, M.I. 2001. Microbiological andbiotechnological investigations of sub-bottom sediments of Lake Baikal and samples ofclosely located hot springs (Zmeiniy, Goryachenskij). Geology and Geophysics (Russia) 42:235-240.
    7. Repin, V.E., Torok, T., and Kuzmin, M.I. 2001. The biodiversity of microorganisms from bottomsediments of Lake Baikal by evidence from deep boreholes. Russian Geol. Geophys., 42:231­-234.
    8. Torok, T., Mortimer, R.K., Romano, P., Suzzi, G., and Polsinelli, M. 1996. Quest for wine yeasts ­An old story revisited. J. Ind. Microbiol. 17:303-313.
    9. European patents: EP1763536(B1) and EP2230247(A2)
    10. US patents: US7306946; US7589176(B2); US7598346(B1); US7700832; US7772370(B2); US7825294(B2); and US20100031391(A1)

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