Coupled Processes Mini Workshop

Sponsored by INEEL; Coordinated by LBNL, INEEL, UCB; Held at LBNL

INEEL logo, UCB logo, LBNL logo Subsurface Science Initiative at INEEL Institute for Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE) at UC Berkeley Earth Sciences Division at Berkeley Lab


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Attendee List-





Attendee List

Some fo the CP Meeting attendees enjoying a wine tasting and terroir discussion at Grapeleaf Cellers in Berkeley.

Name Organization email
John Apps LBNL
Bo Bodvarsson LBNL
Mark Conrad LBNL
Don DePaolo LBNL
Boris Faybishenko LBNL
Gill Geesey INEL
Terry Hazen LBNL
Russ Hertzog INEL
Susan Hubbard LBNL
Jim Hunt UCB
Jack Istok Oregon State
Steve Kowall INEL
Bob Lenhard INEL
Melanie Mayes ORNL
Paul Meakin INEL
Carl Palmer INEL
Karsten Preuss LBNL
George Redden INEL
Yoram Rubin UCB
Tim Scheibe PNL
Bob Smith Univ. Idaho
Frank Schwartz Ohio State
Jim Szecsody PNNL
Tetsu Tokunaga LBNL
Mike Wright INEL

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