Coupled Processes Mini Workshop

Sponsored by INEEL; Coordinated by LBNL, INEEL, UCB; Held at LBNL

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Information for Presenters

Presentation/Discussion Topics

Following are a list of discussion topics, which will be discussed on Thursday afternoon.  We encourage all presenters to carefully read these topics and to attempt to touch on some of these topics in their presentations. Recall that the presentations are intended to stimulate discussion, rather than to report on project progress.

  • Which coupled processes are not well recognized or understood, and yet are important for improving remediation at DOE Sites?

  • What is the influence of time and length scales on the macroscopic manifestation of coupled processes?

  • What research strategies should be proposed to develop a better understanding of the role of coupled processes and how to utilize lab-scale information for field-scale remediation?

  • What new characterization tools and estimation procedures are needed to obtain the necessary information for a coupled process? 

  • Are there particular issues related to monitoring of coupled processes that need to be explored?

  • What are the key model development strategies that need to be implemented to adequately simulate coupled processes?  How do we know a-priori that a coupled process must be considered or may be ignored?

  • How do we validate models for coupled processes?

  • How can we utilize coupled processes to manipulate the subsurface?

  • Are there unique aspects of coupled processes in the vadose zone that should to be considered?

Presentation Format

With the exception of the first introductory presentations, most presentations are scheduled for 20 minutes with 10 minutes of discussion.  

If you will be presenting a powerpoint presentation, please try to email this to Susan Hubbard ( by July 28th, so that it can be loaded and checked prior to the meeting. For those of you who do not send their presentation in advance, the following facilities will be available at the meeting:
  • Overhead projector for transparencies

  • PC with CD drive for powerpoint presentations.

Please contact Susan Hubbard if you have special needs or questions regarding your presentation.