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Ecology Department Projects

DOE: Office of Biological & Environmental Research
Work for Others (non-DOE sources)

Energy Biosciences Institute (EBI) Funded by BP


  • Data Analysis and Coordination Center for the Human Microbiome Project

    • LBNL PI: Andersen w/U. of Maryland

  • Discovery of Signature SNPs to Distinguish Yersina pestis Strains by Arrays

    • PI: Andersen

  • Quantifying Gene Expression to Predict and Optimize Reductive Dechlorination by Dehalococcides spp.

    • PI: Andersen

  • Resequencing Microarray for Detection and Antimicrobial Resistance Profiling

    • PI: Brodie



  • Application of Microarrays and qPCR
    • LBNL PI: Andersen w/ Alvarez-Cohen

Marin County/EPA Clean Beaches

  • Direct Rapid Detection Based on Microbial Census—PhyloChip
    • PI: Andersen w/ Hazen
    • Sponsor: Marin County

Heal the Ocean

  • Monitoring the Montecito Outflow Wastewater Plume
    • PI: Andersen