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Geophysics Department Core Capability:
Environmental Geophysics

Susan Hubbard field work

Research in this area combines the disciplines of geophysics, hydrogeology, statistics, and biogeochemistry to develop new approaches for characterizing shallow subsurface properties and for monitoring complex processes associated with natural or induced subsurface perturbations. This interdisciplinary field is unique in its development of complex petrophysical models that link hydrobiogeochemical-geophysical datasets, the application of emerging stochastic inversion techniques geared toward shallow subsurface systems, and the development of environmental geophysics field-imaging capabilities. Most of the hydrogeophysical and biogeophysical research performed in this area is focused on developing methods to improve our ability to manage and monitor water resources and environmental contaminants.

We've also developed free software for academic and non-profit research.

Group photos of the Environmental Geophysical Team:

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From left:  Yuxin Wu, Jinsong Chen, Susan Hubbard, John Peterson, Ahn Phuong Tran, Baptiste Dafflon, Craig Ulrich, Chris Hubbard

From top left:  Mike Kowalsky, Kenneth Hurst Williams, Susan Hubbard, Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Yuxin Wu

From bottom left:  Jinsong Chen, John Peterson, Erika Gasperkova

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