Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Hydrogeology Department Core Capabilites

Advanced Process Modeling

Hydrogeology Department researchers are developing a quantitative understanding of the main physical and chemical processes that operate in geologic systems, and providing practically useful modeling tools for recovering, storing, and protecting subsurface fluid resources. Read more »

Reservoir Engineering

Hydrogeology Department researchers are studying ways to enhance production of energy from subsurface reservoirs containing methane gas hydrates, geothermal energy, and oil and gas resources. Read more »

Vadose-Zone and Fracture Hydrology

Hydrogeology Department researchers have made significant contributions to identifying the physical mechanisms, and developing modeling approaches and characterization/monitoring techniques, for flow and transport in fractures in both saturated and unsaturated systems. Read more »

Coupled Processes

Hydrogeology Department researchers are addressing the complex field of coupled processes analysis through an integrated experimental and modeling effort, combining laboratory experiments and in situ tests, using advanced monitoring methods with sophisticated modeling analysis. Read more »

Contaminant Hydrology

Hydrogeology Department researchers are addressing the national and international need for subsurface contaminant characterization and remediation across a spectrum of approaches—laboratory experiments, field tests, and theoretical and numerical investigations. Read more »