Poster Session



Erin Wallin

Colorado School of Mines

Modeling of high Frequency Sounding for DNAPL detection

Rimantas Seckus

Vilnius University, Lithuania

3D Hydrogeological Interpretation of Electrical Resistivity Tomography Data

Stephen Moysey

Stanford University, USA

Quantifying Error in Water Content Estimates from GPR

Jeff Daniels

Ohio State University, USA

Physical Model Tests of the Sensitivity of GPR to LNAPL's in the Vadose Zone

Dale Rucker

University of Arizona, USA

A Comparative Study of Buried and Downhole Geophysical Instruments During a 1-Step Inflow and Drainage Experiment

Marjeta Car

Geoengineering d.o.o., Ljubjana, Slovenia

Geophysical investigation of debris-flow using DC electromagnetic and seismic methods: a case history from Slovenia

Hamza Boubdallah

Astrophysics and Geophysics Research Center, Algeria

1) Archaeological site characterization using electrical imaging method: a case study of a Roman site

(2) Soil Characterization using Geophysical Methods

Dani Kurtzman

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fracture appearance in outcrops and cores: implication for aquitard hydrology at different scales.

Axel Tillmann

Julich, Germany

3D Modelling of the electric potential and magnetic field of a cylindrical column

Matthew Ralston

University of Kansas, USA

Automated 3C shallow seismic data acquisition and analysis

Andrey Tarasov

Russian Institute of Exploration Geophysics

Spectral Inversion of VES-IPTD data

Michael Fienan and Peter Kitanidas

Stanford University

An Application of Bayesian Inverse Methods to Borehole Flowmeter Interpretation at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Vladimir Tarasov, Konstantin Titov and Andrey Tarasov

Russian Institute of Exploration Geophysics

Rock and soil discrimination with spectral induced polarization method in hydrogeology

Giorgio Cassiani and Andrew Binley

University di Milano and Lancaster U.K.

Constraining Vadose Zone Flow Models on Moisture Content Data from Electrical Resistivity Tomography and Cross-Hole Radar

The Laboratory of Electrical & Electromagnetic Methods of The Russian Institute of Exploration Geophysics(VIRG-Rudgeofizika)

Strobe-M multi-function time-domain electromagnetic and induced polarization system

Ali Ismet Kanli

Istanbul University

Geothermal and hydrocarbon potential and their relations to the seismic activity in some regions of Turkey

S. Garambois, P. Sénéchal, H. Perroud and A. Bourg

Joseph Fourier University, France

Characterization and monitoring of water content and water conductivity of near-surface formations from combined geophysical measurements

Andreas Kemna et al.

Research Center Juelich, Germany

Interpretation of non-invasively monitored transport processes at different scales using stochastic models

Boris Sapozhnikov

Institute of Environmental Geology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

  1. Resistivity method without groundings
  2. Application of the resistivity method for examination of the urban underground utilities of Madrid and St. Petersburg

Ahmed ElGalladi

Mansoura University,


1) Geoelectric study for Quaternary groundwater aquifers in northwest Sinai, Egypt.

2) Geomagnetic filters for archaeology; an application to two Roman time sites in northwest Sinai, Egypt.

Boryana Georgieva

Ministry of Environmental and Water of Bulgaria

Bulgarian ground water: water quality and policies