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>>> ALPHA: alpha (%)

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alpha is a probability used for a variety of statistical tests within iTOUGH2. The choice of alpha does not affect the estimated parameter set, but is used in the residual analysis, the Fisher model test, the analysis of the resulting distribution when performing Monte Carlo simulations, and the width of the error band when performing FOSM uncertainty propagation analysis. alpha is expected to assume values between 0.001 and 0.200 (default: 0.01). Instead of the risk alpha, one can also provide the confidence level (1-alpha), in which case alpha assumes values between 0.8 an 0.999. Use keyword % if alpha is given in percent.

>>> number of TOUGH2 SIMULATIONS: 200
>> ERROR propagation analysis
>>> MONTE CARLO simulations
>>> print quantile for risk ALPHA =: 5.0 %

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