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>>> PARALLEL: ncores (ROOT: root_directory) (SLEEP: isleep) (JACOBIAN / LEVENBERG: ncoreslm)

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Allows embarrassingly parallel execution of forward simulations on multi-core machines. The number of cores ncores is provided on the command line.

Message passing occurs through temporary files; the root directory for these files is specified using keyword ROOT (defaults: /tmp on Unix machines, C: on PCs). If the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm is used, trial parameter sets obtained with different Levenberg parameters can be evaluated in parallel on nrocslm processors using keyword LEVENBERG. Keyword JACOBIAN instructs iTOUGH2 to only evaluate the Jacobian in parallel, i.e., nrocslm = 1. The parent process can be suspended for isleep seconds each time it checks for incoming residuals (default: isleep = 1).


>>> use LEVENBERG-MARQUARDT minimization algorithm
>>> PARALLEL: 4 processors (ROOT directory on PC is: E:, parallelize JACOBIAN only, SLEEP for : 1 sec)

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