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>>> PRINTOUT: level

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Specifies the amount of printout in the iTOUGH2 output file. The default level is 5. (The amount of printout in the TOUGH2 output file is selected through variable KDATA; see Appendix A2 of report iTOUGH2 Command Reference).

level Amount of Printout
0 Same as 1; also suppress reprinting of summary statistics
1 Same as 2; also suppress summary statistics
2 Same as 3; also suppress residual analysis
3 Same as 4: also suppress sensitivity analysis
4 Suppress eigenanalysis, direct correlations, correlation chart
5 Printout of all relevant iTOUGH2 results (default)
6 Add printout of objective function for each forward run (see also >>> OBJECTIVE)
7 Add printout of residuals for each iteration (see also >>> RESIDUAL)
8 Add printout of Jacobian for each iteration (see also >>> JACOBIAN)
9 Exhaustive printout

>>> reduce PRINTOUT level to: 3 ...
>>> ... but print OBJECTIVE function for each run

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