iTOUGH2 Updates

iTOUGH2 is continually improved. The table below lists recent additions and modifications.
iTOUGH2 Modifications Since Version 3.1 
Date Modification 
10/01/07 Global minimization algorithms added  
09/07/05 GSLIB added.  
11/06/03 Lating Hypercube Sampling added.  
02/13/02 Runs statistic of residuals added.  
01/31/02 Turbulent flow (Forchheimer equation) and choked gas flow added.  
04/21/01 TOUGH2 enhanced for handling 5- to 9-character element names.  
04/01/01 Module t2cg2.f replaced with t2cg22.f.  
04/01/01 Module EOS9nT incorporated.  
07/05/00 New script it2make for convenient compilation of iTOUGH2 on Unix workstations.  
07/05/00 New script it2install for convenient installation of iTOUGH2 on Unix workstations.  
05/26/00 New file mdepdvf.f with machine-dependent subroutines for use with Compaq Visual Fortran (formerly DIGITAL Visual Fortran) compiler on PC.  
06/26/99 Monte Carlo simulations of correlated parameters using Empirical Orthogonal Functions  
01/19/99 Spelling revolution: ITOUGH2 -> iTOUGH2  
01/18/99 Module EOS7R incorporated.  
12/21/98 New parameter type SCALE. Grid scaling factor to optimize well spacing. 
10/01/98 Parallelization of iTOUGH2 on workstation cluster using PVM. See command PVM.  
09/30/98 Evaluate objective function at user-specified points in the parameter space (see command GRID SEARCH).  
07/17/98 Mass- and volume balances available separately for each material domain.  
07/16/98 Iterated Function Systems (IFS) incorporated. New parameter type IFS
06/30/98 Improved version, application, and option control. Command line option -v added.  
06/30/98 Fracture-matrix interface area reduction, Active Fracture Model (AFM), and free drainage boundary condition implemented.  
06/30/98 File restructured. New include file created. 
10/21/97 When porosity is estimated, it is not overwritten by non-zero values provided through block INCON 
10/14/97 Provide standard deviation of logarithm if logarithm of observed data is to be matched. 
10/02/97 New observation type DRAWDOWN. Matches drawdown data from a pumping test. 
08/22/97 Variable ZA now in include file 
08/21/97 Module EWASG by A. Battistelli et al. incorporated. 
08/19/97 New observation type HEAT FLOW
08/12/97 Subroutine ERROR renamed to ERRORMSG to avoid potential conflict with intrinsic function. 
07/25/97 Output from EOS1 is reformatted so that program EXT can interpret it. 
07/25/97 New observation type SECONDARY. Any secondary parameter (e.g., relative permeability, viscosity, density, and specific enthalpy) can be selected as an observation type for matching or plotting. 
07/25/97 Suppress writing zero value data to plot file if no measured data are provided. 
07/22/97 Options 17 (sleep) and 19 (wake up) have been redefined as 7 and 8, respectively. 
07/03/97 A more general version of the Unix command echo is used in the script files.
The options of Unix command ps in kit are redefined so that less customizing is required by the user. 
03/01/97 New script file it2help for online printing of iTOUGH2 manual pages stored in file it2help.txt

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