Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
Clouds to Reservoir Research Process

Graphic by: Diana Swantek


Through fundamental and applied research, the Earth Sciences Division (ESD), with a combination of theoretical investigation, instrument development, laboratory experimentation, and field-based research, sets out to achieve a robust understanding of Earth systems at a range of spatial and temporal scales--from molecules to the whole Earth, from microseconds to millions of years.

Program Areas

ESD's research is divided across four Program Areas and is managed by Program Area Lead(s) who is(are) responsible for developing long term vision and goals; seeking and initializing opportunities to grow the Program Area and crosscutting research opportunities; and assessing the development of new Programs.


For a secure energy future, with support from DOE and other funding sponsors, Programs (listed below in alphabetical order) focus on meeting its scientific agenda, purpose, and visibility. The Program Lead acts as the primary contact with the appropriate funding sponsor and is also responsible for matching ESD’s disciplinary capability to the needs of the appropriate funding sponsor. In addition, the Program Lead works with others to support the long term vision and goals for the Program Area underwhich it is organized.

Facilities, Centers, and Labs

ESD has several world-class instrumentation, analytical, and simulation resources that support and augment many research programs in the Division. Many of these resources are also available to collaborators, Berkeley scientists, and visiting researchers. A few of these resources are widely used to support cross-Division research such as these noted below.

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Projects are typically mapped to an ESD Program and are managed by a Principal Investigator (PI). The PI ensures that scientific quality, financial and administrative responsibilities, and health & safety guidelines are met.

Tech Transfer

The Earth Sciences Division (ESD) partners with Berkeley Lab’s Technology Transfer Department to move technologies from the Lab to the marketplace to benefit society and the U.S. economy. read more »