News and Highlights

June 2011 - NERSC Highlight of "Nano-scale Modeling for Geologic Carbon Sequestration" For the second time in 15 months, research carried out in our group made the quarterly "Science Highlights" of the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), a DOE user facility.  Click on the image to view the June 2011 NERSC Highlights booklet. NERSC highlight

May 2011 - EFRC Video contest award for "Carbon in Underland"  The Center for Nanoscale Control of Geologic CO2 participated in DOE's "EFRC Summit and Forum: Science for the Nation's Energy Future" in Washinton, DC.  Our three-minute video won an award for "entertaining animation and engaging explanations of carbon sequestration" and was highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN).  Click on the image to view the video.  

Carbon in Underland