Thermophilic Composting

Thermophiliic Composting work group

In this age of drought and weather uncertainty, using high quality water sources at a rate faster than the environment can replenish them for the transportation of sanitary waste is becoming an increasingly unsustainable practice.  There is growing recognition that source control sanitation methods, as opposed to “end-of-pipe” treatment will be the only sustainable method for bringing proper sanitation to emerging economies while at the same time, bringing environmentally sustainable practices to developed areas.  Our current thermophilic composting project examines how the microbial community in the source material changes in the lifecycle of the composting process.  While there have been several attempts to develop various sanitary waste composting technologies, there is little understanding of the microbial process itself, which will be essential to optimize not only the process, but the overall safety of such practices.  Assuring complete pathogen destruction in fully processed compost will increase the acceptance of this process as an alternative to water transport methods for waste disposal.

working at composting location