IsoProbe (Magnetic Sector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer) Laboratory

This facility provides high precision isotopic measurements of a wide range of elements—isotopic analyses are routinely conducted for Li, B, Mg, K, Cr, Sr, Hf, Nd, Pb, Ru, U and Th. We expect to add Zn, and Ti isotopic measurements to our repertoire soon. The lab houses a multiple collector ICP mass spectrometer (the IsoProbe, manufactured by Micromass Ltd now GV Instruments), and two separate clean sample preparation areas. The IsoProbe is equipped with a set of nine movable Faraday cups, two movable channeltrons with ion counting, and an axial Daly ion counting system with a high abundance sensitivity (better than 100 ppb) WARP filter. The ion beam path includes a hexapole gas collision cell, which serves both to focus the beam in energy (< 1eV spread), as well as providing the means to essentially remove mass interferences due to Ar species. Samples in solution can be introduced to the IsoProbe via aqueous nebulization with a cyclonic spray chamber, or as a dry aerosol with an Aridus desolvation nebulization system. 

Contiguous with the IsoProbe lab space, accessible through an airlock, is a sample preparation chemistry clean laboratory. This is overall a better-than-class 1000 clean lab environment with HEPA filtered air. It includes both a class 100 HEPA filtered laminar flow fume hood and a class 10 ULPA filtered laminar flow fume hood, as well as a dedicated perchloric fume hood with a wash down system. The suite also includes an isolated clean space with its own set of analytical balances. 

Recently completed is a new clean lab space (better than class 1000), next door to the main lab, which effectively doubles the available space for clean chemistry work. It is equipped with two 6-ft state of the art laminar flow fume hoods, a 5-ft perchloric fume hood, metal free plastic furnishings/cabinets, water purification system, and a high capacity HEPA (boron free) filtered air handling system. A clean area is sited just outside the main chemistry lab with a high precision analytical balance and a microbalance. 

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