Stable Isotope Laboratory

This facility consists of two laboratories. The main laboratory includes a Micromass JA Series Isoprime mass spectrometer and a Thermo Delta V Plus mass spectrometer. The Isoprime is fitted with an trace gas pre-concentration system designed for analyses of the isotopic compositions of atmospheric gases (CO2, CH4 and N2O) with a Gilson auto-sampler and an automated large volume (1-liter) flask sampling system designed for measurements of low abundance atmospheric trace gases. The Isoprime is also interfaced to a GC-combustion system designed for compound-specific carbon isotope analyses of organic compounds. This system has been modified to allow measurements of chlorine isotopes (as methyl chloride). The Delta V Plus sample preparation system comprises a Costech ECS 4010 elemental analyzer for measuring carbon, nitrogen and sulfur abundances and isotopic compositions of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur (this system is capable of operating in stand alone mode), a high temperature TC/EA for hydrogen and oxygen isotope analyses, and a GC Isolink for high temperature, compound specific analyses of nitrogen and hydrogen in organic compounds. 

In addition to the isotope mass spectrometers, this laboratory includes a GC-MS for gas abundance measurements and a vacuum line for doing off-line preparation of samples for isotopic analyses. The second laboratory is a newly re-modeled wet chemical facility dedicated to isotope exchange experiments. This laboratory includes an ion chromatograph for tracking concentrations of key reactants during experiments. 

Another stable isotope mass spectrometer (a second Micromass Isoprime) is located in the Earth and Planetary Science Department on the UCB campus, and is available for hydrogen and oxygen isotope measurements of waters and carbon, and oxygen isotope measurements of carbonate minerals. (This campus lab is under the direction of Professor B. Lynn Ingram and Dr. Wenbo Yang.)

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