The Environmental Measurement Laboratory (EML)

The Environmental Measurement Laboratory (EML) is an EPA/California Department of Health Services certified analytical lab within the Earth Sciences Division (ESD) for researchers at DOE laboratories and the University of California. The EML has the capabilities to conduct a variety of analyses covering both organic and inorganic methods, including examination of water, soil, sediment, seawater, and waste water samples. Current projects include:

  • Support to the Site Restoration and Yucca Mountain projects for metal analysis, ion chromatography (tracer studies), volatile organics, and freon analysis.
  • Analytical support to Central Valley agricultural projects for selenium separation (selenite, selenate, and organo-selenium) and ion chromatography (chloride and sulfate).

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide researchers with an accurate and reliable analytical data generating source at a reasonable cost by providing a local, multiple user facility which allows for a more cost effective means of proposing new and exciting research.

For additional information, please contact:


William Stringfellow
VOICE: 510-486-7903
FAX: 510-486-5496