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NCGC Topical Discussion Groups

Group Description

The NCGC is launching internal discussion sessions in support of our future directions and in preparation for the proposal renewal.  The Groups will focus on synergy across Thrust areas with the objective to integrate various research efforts focused toward common goals while remaining cognizant of the challenges most central to CO2 storage.  With the renewal in mind, we must prepare now so that we are able to demonstrate that we have addressed synergy across our Center through publications. 

To help us achieve this goal, we have established three discussion groups with the intention that participation will be across thrust areas.  Therefore, all members of the Center are strongly encouraged to participate as much as possible:

1) Caprock Integrity (Gernot Rother)

2) Reservoir Capacity (Jonathan Ajo-Franklin)

3) Upscaling (Dan Rothman)

Goals for Discussion Groups:

1)  Develop a short bulleted list of knowledge gaps & key hypotheses (this is important as we have not been talking in terms of hypothesis testing; we need to sharpen our aims). 

2) Generate sub-groups that will carry out cross-cutting collaborations focused on relevant sub-topics, and identifying researchers outside of the EFRC who can contribute to these collaborations.

Discussion Group Leads will organize weekly meetings starting the week of June 4, 2012. If you are interested in participating in a group(s), please complete the on-line form and you will be added to a mailer for that group.  In parallel, Lisa will work with the Discussion Group Leads in developing a webpage with the intent of further describing the individual groups along with a schedule of meetings.

If you are interested in participating in one or more of the above discussion groups, please complete the on-line form and your name will be added to the email notifications per group:  COMPLETE SIGN-UP SHEET