Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Energy Resources Program Projects

(grouped by research area)

Oil & Gas Exploration and Development
  • Fracture Quantification (Majer)
  • An Integrated Approach to Assessing  Seismic Stimulation (Majer)
  • Single Well Imaging (Majer)
  • Testing & Validation of High Resolution Fluid Imaging (Majer)
  • Application and Use of Microdrilling for Vertical Seismic Profiling  (Majer)
  • Microseimic Monitoring of Deep Hydrofractures Using Shallow Boreholes (Majer)
  • Joint Geophysical Imaging (Newman)
  • Laboratory Study on Borehole Stability and Sand Production in Weakly Cemented Sand (Nakagawa)
  • Anisotropic Properties of Compacted Clay-Rich Rocks (Nakagawa)
  • Measuring and Interpreting Seismic Attenuation (Pride)
  • Combined Borehole Seismic and Electromagnetic Inversion (Chen)
  • Advanced Reservoir Imaging Using Frequency-Dependent Seismic Attributes (Korneev)
  • Feasibility of Virtual Source Method for Reservoir (Korneev; Shell Oil)
  • Detection of Tunnel Waves (Korneev; DOD-DARPA)
  • Modeling Core Cleaning Experiment for Enhanced Oil Recovery (Xu; Shell Oil)
  • Seismic Stimulation to Enhance Oil Recovery (Pride; RPSEA)
  • Petrophysical Studies of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Using High-Resolution Rock Imaging (Silin; RPSEA)
  • Crosswell Seimic Imaging (Daley; Schlumberger)
  • Oil Shale Extraction Monitoring (Daley; Sclumberger)
  • Salton Sea Project (Hutchings; CEC)
  • Time-Domain Soil-Structure Interaction Modeling Topics (Budnitz; NRC)
Geothermal Energy Exploration and Development

Geophysical Techniques for Subsurface Imaging

Geochemical and Isotope Techniques for Tracing Fluid-Rock Histories

Reservoir Engineering and Coupled Process Modeling

EGS Field Demonstration

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Methane Hydrate Exploration and Development
  • Numerical Studies for the Characterization of Recoverable Resources from Methane Hydrate Deposits (Moridis)
  • Interrelation of Global Climate and the Response of Oceanic Hydrate Accumulations with Los Alamos National Lab (Moridis)
  • LBNL-ConocoPhillips Collaborative Project on Hydrates (Moridis; Conoco)
  • A Self-Teaching Expert System for the Analysis, Design, and Prediction of Gas Production from Shales (Moridis; RPSEA)