Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Energy Resources Program Research Area: Oil & Gas Exploration and Development

Multidisciplinary research is being conducted in reservoir characterization and monitoring, optimization of reservoir performance, and environmental protection. Using basic research studies as a source of innovative concepts, our researchers seek to transform these concepts into tangible products of use to industry within a time frame consistent with today's rapid growth in technology. Optimization of reservoir performance is focused on simulation-based methods for enhancing reservoir management strategies. Emphasis is placed on the integration of geophysical data, production data, and reservoir simulation.

Related Projects and Activities (funded by the DOE Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy [FE], unless otherwise noted):

  • Fracture Quantification (Majer)
  • An Integrated Approach to Assessing  Seismic Stimulation (Majer)
  • Single Well Imaging (Majer)
  • Testing & Validation of High Resolution Fluid Imaging (Majer)
  • Appl and Use of Microdrilling for Vertical Seismic Profiling  (Majer)
  • Microseimic Monitoring of Deep Hydrofractures  Using Shallow Boreholes (Majer)
  • Joint Geophysical Imaging (Newman)
  • Laboratory Study on Borehole Stability and Sand Production in Weakly Cemented Sand (Nakagawa)
  • Anisotropic Properties of Compacted Clay-Rich Rocks (Nakagawa)
  • Measuring and Interpreting Seismic Attenuation (Pride)
  • Combined Borehole Seismic and Electromagnetic Inversion (Chen)
  • Advanced Reservoir Imaging Using Frequency-Dependent Seismic Attributes (Korneev)
  • Feasibility of Virtual Source Method for Reservoir (Korneev; Shell Oil)
  • Detection of Tunnel Waves (Korneev; DOD-DARPA)
  • Modeling Core Cleaning Experiment for Enhanced Oil Recovery (Xu; Shell Oil)
  • Seismic Stimulation to Enhance Oil Recovery (Pride; RPSEA)
  • Petrophysical Studies of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Using High-Resolution Rock Imaging (Silin; RPSEA)
  • Crosswell Seimic Imaging (Daley; Schlumberger)
  • Oil Shale Extraction Monitoring (Daley; Sclumberger)
  • Salton Sea Project (Hutchings; CEC)
  • Time-Domain Soil-Structure Interaction Modeling Topics (Budnitz; NRC)