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ERWR Projects (grouped by research area, then by sponsor)

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Environmental Remediation Subsurface Science Research Area

DOE Biological & Environmental Research (BER)

DOE Environmental Management (EM)


Other Projects

  • Predicting the Stability/Status and Mobility of Engineered Nanomaterials after Their Release into Soils and Groundwater see link above [also listed in Molecular Microbial Biology Research Area].
    • PI: Wan
    • Sponsor: Genomes to Life(GTL)
  • Chromium and Manganese Chemistry in Atmospheric Aerosols
    • PI: Nico
    • Sponsor: EPA

Water Resources Research Area

Bioenergy Research Area

BP Energy Bioscience Institute (EBI)

DOE BER Bioenergy SFA

  • SFA Executive Summary
  • Synchrotron Infrared Microspectromicroscopy of Cellulose Degradation of Living Cellulolytic Bacteria

Joint BioEnergy Institute Fuels Synthesis

Other Projects

  • Detection of Biosustainable Energy in the Deep Subsurface of Earth and Mars (also listed in Molecular Microbial Biology Research Area)
    • LBNL PI: Hazen w/U. of Indiana
    • Sponsor: NASA

Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) Discrimination Research Area



  • Detection and Classification of Buried UXO and Determination of Seafloor Parameters in Littoral Environments Using Resonance Scattering Sonar
    • LBNL PI: Korneev w/Gritto
  • Hand-Held UXO Discriminator
  • Isolating and Discriminating Overlapping Signatures in Cluttered Environments