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Bioenergy IllustrationThe Environmental Remediation & Water Resources Program's bioenergy research, which is primarily sponsored by the BP Energy Bioscience Institute and by the DOE JBEI Bioenergy Center, focuses on improving the understanding of microbial genomics associated with biofuels and enhanced oil recovery and investigating feedbacks between long term biomass production and ecosystem processes. Research advances are needed along many fronts to efficiently and sustainably harness the potential of bioenergy as a transportation fuel.

Related Projects

BP Energy Bioscience Institute (EBI)

DOE BER Bioenergy SFA

  • SFA Executive Summary
  • Synchrotron Infrared Microspectromicroscopy of Cellulose Degradation of Living Cellulolytic Bacteria
    • PI: Holman

Joint BioEnergy Institute Fuels Synthesis

Other Projects

  • Detection of Biosustainable Energy in the Deep Subsurface of Earth and Mars (also listed in Molecular Microbial Biology Research Area)
    • LBNL PI: Hazen w/U. of Indiana
    • Sponsor: NASA