Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Environmental Remediation Subsurface Science

Environmental Remediation & Water Resources Program Illustration

LBNL scientists conduct multidisciplinary environmental research using theoretical, numerical, and experimental approaches that range from the molecular to the field scale. The synergy offered by the ensemble of competencies within the Earth Science Division facilitates investigation of complex natural systems. The research takes advantage of multidisciplinary team expertise with internationally recognized strengths in: environmental microbiology, environmental synchrotron science, isotope geochemistry, environmental geophysics, and reactive transport modeling. Common objectives for projects within this Research Area include the:

  • Improved understanding of mechanisms and rates associated with complex subsurface system processes;
  • Development of advanced approaches for characterizing and predicting subsurface biological, hydrological, and geochemical properties and processes at the molecular to field scales;
  • Improved understanding of the impact of subsurface system complexity on contaminant distribution and remediation efficacy
  • Development of a basis for in situ remediation, especially for metals and radionuclides that respond to redox manipulation and microbial community stimulation.

A significant component of the LBNL environmental remediation research area is the LBNL  Sustainable Systems Scientific Focus Area, which is funded by the DOE Climate and Environmental Sciences Division of BER and includes 22 scientists and several postdocs and graduate students. The Sustainable Systems SFA considers the nature and interactions of key hydrological, microbiological, geochemical components as needed to connect the fundamental processes with their macroscopic manifestations.

Related Projects and Activities (Grouped by Sponsor) 

DOE Biological & Environmental Research (BER)

DOE Environmental Management (EM)

  • Technical Working Group for Attenuation-Based Remedies
    • LBNL PI: Hubbard w/M. Denham (SRNL)
  • Computational Applied Research in Subsurface Science to Support Performance Assessments and Groundwater Modeling
    • PI: Birkholzer
  • EM International Program Tech Support
    • PI: Faybishenko


Other Projects

  • Predicting the Stability/Status and Mobility of Engineered Nanomaterials after Their Release into Soils and Groundwater see link above [also listed in Molecular Microbial Biology Research Area].
    • PI: Wan
    • Sponsor: Genomes to Life(GTL)
  • Chromium and Manganese Chemistry in Atmospheric Aerosols
    • PI: Nico
    • Sponsor: EPA