Earth Sciences Division (ESD) Department of Energy (DOE) Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)


The defining aspect of nanogeoscience is its interconnecting chemical pathways, uniting aspects of natural inorganic, organic, and biological processes with specific interactions and mechanisms common to mineral surfaces, small particles, and particle aggregates. The focus is on various combinations of several key topics, defined with respect to important specific problems within the DOE complex, and aimed at elucidation of fundamental scientific problems and reaction pathways. Work in this field is necessarily diverse and complex, and requires the close collaborations of investigators having both a wide knowledge base—encompassing geochemistry, colloid chemistry, surface chemistry, materials science, biochemistry and physical chemistry—and a strong interest in shared goals, utilizing a team effort. In bringing separate tasks together under one umbrella, efforts can now be combined with a grand synergy that would be difficult to achieve with separate subprojects operated in different locations without temporal congruence. The new laboratory and task structure will function as a focus for all relevant environmentally related nanoscience at LBNL, and also provide a superb location for the development of top-flight scientists in this field.

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