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WESTCARB Task 3: Enhancement and testing of screening risk assessment tool for selecting CO2 storage sites

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We have developed in Phase 1 a spreadsheet-based screening-level methodology for assessing potential Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) risk of geologic CO2 storage projects. The approach is based on evaluating three basic characteristics that influence HSE risk:

  • Potential of the primary target site for long-term containment of CO2
  • Potential for secondary containment if the primary target site leaks
  • Potential to attenuate and/or disperse leaking CO2 if the primary formation leaks and secondary containment fails.

In Phase 2, we will continue to enhance and test the methodology through application to pilot-study and other prospective geologic sequestration sites. Enhancements under consideration are improved graphical displays, porting to a web-based platform, and consideration of distributions rather than single integers for property assessments. Peer review will be undertaken to get feedback on the utility of the tool and for guiding enhancements.