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TOUGH Symposium 2012

TOUGH Symposium 2012 Program


Sunday, September 16, 2012


6:00 PM

Welcome Reception, Hotel Shattuck Plaza

Monday, September 17, 2012, Morning Sessions

7:30 AM

Registration, Building 50 Auditorium

Welcome and Opening Remarks



Horst Simon, Deputy Director, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)


Opening Remarks

Stefan Finsterle, Karsten Pruess



TOUGH Symposium Organizing Committee

Session I: Carbon Dioxide Storage I

Session Chairs: Edward Mehnert, Christine Doughty


Migration of Exsolved CO2 Following Depressurization of Saturated Brines

Ronald W. Falta, Lin Zuo, Sally M. Benson


Comparison of a 2D TOUGHREACT Model of CO2 Injection into a Carbonate Reservoir with Chemical Data from a CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Project

Maurice Shevalier, Michale Nightingdale, Bernhard Mayer


Influence of Geological Parameters on CO2 Storage Prediction in Deep Saline Aquifer at Industrial Scale

Sarah Bouquet, Dominique Bruel, Chantal de Fouquet


Impact of Data Uncertainty on Identifying Leakage Pathways in CO2 Geologic Storage Systems and Estimating their Hydrogeological Properties by Inverse Modeling

Yoojin Jung, Quanlin Zhou, Jens T. Birkholzer




Modeling CO2 Injection at Cranfield, Mississippi: Investigation of Methane and Temperature Effects

Christine Doughty, Barry Freifeld


Expansion and Migration of Gaseous and Dissolved CO2 in a Site Specific Shallow Aquifer

Carla E. Wiegers, Dirk Schäfer, Ralf Köber, Andreas Dahmke


Assessing Pre-Injection In Situ Alteration of Wellbore Cement in a Site for CO2 Geological Storage: A Numerical Approach

Fabrizio Gherardi, Pascal Audigane



Session II: Numerical Methods

Session Chairs: Emily Clearwater, Yu-Shu Wu


Adding Geology to the Equation: Towards Integrating Structural Geological Data into Inverse Modeling with iTOUGH2

J. Florian Wellmann, Stefan Finsterle, Adrian Croucher


Innovative Tools for Continuum Discretization, Better Management of TOUGH2 Input Data and Analysis of the Numerical Simulation Results

Carlo Cormio, Paolo Berry, Stefano Bondua, Villiam Bortolotti


Thermal-Hydrologic-Mechanical Model for Fracture Propagation, Fluid Flow, and Transport in Porous Rock

Daisuke Asahina, Jim Houseworth, Jens Birkholzer


Geophysical Data Improve Stability and Convergence of Hydrological Property Estimation: A Synthetic CO2 Injection Study

Joseph Doetsch, Michael B. Kowalsky, Stefan Finsterle, Christine Doughty, Jonathan B. Ajo-Franklin, Thomas M. Daley


Optimizing the Modeling Performance for Safety Assessments of Nuclear Waste Repositories by Approximating Two-Phase Flow and Transport by Single-Phase Transport Simulations

Philipp Schädle, N. Hubschwerlen, H. Class




Geothermal Model Calibration using a Global Minimization Algorithm Based on Finding Saddle Points as Well as Minima of the Objective Function

Manuel Plasencia Gutierrez, Andreas Pedersen, Andri Arnaldsson, Hannes Jónsson


iTOUGH2 Global Sensitivity Analysis Module: Applications to CO2 Storage Systems

Haruko M. Wainwright, Stefan Finsterle, Yoojin Jung, Quanlin Zhou, Jens T. Birkholzer


Reduced Order Models for Subsurface Flow in iTOUGH2

George Pau, Yingqi Zhang, Stefan Finsterle


What’s New in iTOUGH2?

Stefan Finsterle

Poster Session and Reception

Session Chairs: Dorothee Rebscher, Haruko Wainwright, Michael Kowalsky, George Pau

5:30 – 8:00

LBNL Cafeteria


Shuttle Bus leaving for Hotel Shattuck Plaza and Downtown Berkeley BART

Tuesday, September 18, 2012, Morning Sessions

Session III: Geothermal

Session Chairs: Edda Aradottir, Micol Todesco


Improving the Treatment of Saline Brines in EWASG for the Simulation of Hydrothermal Systems

Alfredo Battistelli


The Deep Roots of Geothermal Systems in Volcanic Areas: Boundary Conditions and Heat Sources in Reservoir Modelling

Gunnar Gunnarsson, Edda S.P. Aradottir


Modeling the Ohaaki Geothermal System

Emily K. Clearwater, Michael J. O’Sullivan, K. Brockbank, W. I. Mannington


Simulating Microhole-Based Heat Mining from Enhanced Geothermal System

Yingqi Zhang, Lehua Pan, Patrick Dobson, Ken Oglesby, Stefan Finsterle




Enhanced Heat Transport Via Simmering Phenomena in Geothermal Models

Tom Brikowski


Towards Cleaner Geothermal Energy Utilization: Capturing and Sequestering CO2 and H2S Emissions from Geothermal Power Plants

Edda S.P. Aradottir, Ingvi Gunnarsson, Bergur Sigfússon, Gunnar Gunnarsson, Einar Gunnlaugsson, Hólmfríður Sigurðardóttir, Einar Jón Ásbjörnsson, Eric Sonnenthal


Numerical Reservoir Model of the Takigami Geothermal Field, Oita, Japan

Saeid Jalilinasrabady, Ryuichi Itoi, Hiroki Gotoh, Toshiaki Tanaka


Basin-Scale Geothermal Model Calibration using iTOUGH2

Lynn B. Reid, J. Florian Wellmann



Award Ceremony

TOUGH Symposium Organizing Committee

Karsten Pruess receives Lieftime Achievement Award for Development of TOUGH Codes  Maryam Akhavan receives Karsten Pruess Student Paper Award  Philipp Schaedle receives Karsten Pruess Student Paper Award  Carol Valladao receives Spot Award for organizing the TOUGH Symposium 2012



Tuesday, September 18, 2012, Afternoon Sessions

Session IV: Hydrocarbon Recovery and Reservoir Processes

Session Chairs: Alfredo Battistelli, Matthew Reagan


Geochemical Reactive Transport Modeling in Oil & Gas Industry—Business Drivers, Challenges and Solutions

Guoxiang Zhang, Esra Inan-Villegas


Integrated Reactive Transport Modelling: Challenges and Opportunities for Improved Prediction of Diagenetic Impact on Reservoir Quality

Fiona Whitacker, Tatjana Gabellone, Graham Griffiths


Massively Parallel Simulation of Production from Field-Scale Oceanic Gas Hydrate Deposits

Matthew T. Reagan, George J. Moridis, Katie L. Boyle, C. Matthew Freeman, Lehua Pan, Noel D. Keen, Jarle Husebo


Development of the T+M Coupled Flow-Geomechanical Simulator to Describe Fracture Propagation and Coupled Flow-Thermal-Geomechanical Processes in Tight/Shale Gas Systems

Jihoon Kim, George J. Moridis


Modeling of Flow and Transport Induced by Production of Hydrofracture Stimulated Gas Wells Near the Rulison Nuclear Test

Rex A. Hodges, Clay Cooper, Ron Falta


The RealGas and RealGasH2O Options of the TOUGH+ Code for the Simulation of Coupled Fluid and Heat Flow in Tight/Shale Gas Systems

George J. Moridis, C. Matthew Freeman, Stephen W. Webb, Stefan Finsterle



Session V: Carbon Dioxide Storage II

Session Chair: Ron Falta, Tim Tambach


Simulations of Upward Leakage of CO2 in Long-Column Flow Experiments: Effect of Lateral Boundary Condition

Curtis M. Oldenburg, Christine Doughty, Catherine A. Peters, Patrick F. Dobson


Comparison of Supercritical and Dissolved CO2 Injection Schemes

Catherine M. Ruprecht, Ronald W. Falta


Behaviour of the CO2 Injection Well and the Near Wellbore During Carbon Dioxide Injection in Saline Aquifers

Mohamed Azaroual, Laurent Andre, Yannick Peysson, Jacques Pironon, Daniel Broseta, Fabien Dedecker, Patrick Egermann, Jean Desroches, Joëlle Hy-Billiot


Development of an Advanced Thermal-Hydrologic-Mechanical Model for CO2 Storage in Porous and Fractured Saline Aquifers

Philip H. Winterfeld, Yu-Shu Wu, Karsten Pruess, Curtis Oldenburg



Shuttle Bus Pick up at the Guest House and Hotel Shattuck


Banquet, Caffe Venezia, 1799 University Avenue, Berkeley


The Science Behind the Taming of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Paul Hsieh

Paul Hsieh, Keynote Speaker at TOUGH Symposium 2012


Shuttle Bus leaving for the Guest House and Hotel Shattuck

Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Morning Sessions

Session VI: Nuclear Waste

Session Chair: James Houseworth, Nicolas Hubschwerlen


Extension and Tuning of TOUGH2-MP EOS7R for the Assessments of Deep Geological Repositories for Nuclear Waste: Hydrogen, Arbitrarily Long Decay Chains, and Solubility Limits

Thomas Kaempfer, Yury Mishin, Jürgen Brommundt, Jean Roger, Eloi Treille, Nicolas Hubschwerle


Multiphase Flow and Interaction Dynamics between Bentonite Clay and Fractured Crystalline Rock

Benoît Dessirier, Jerker Jarsjö, Andrew Frampton


T2GGM – A Coupled Gas Generation Model for Deep Geologic Disposal of Radioactive Waste

John Avis, Paul Suckling, Nicola Calder, Robert Walsh


Probabilistic Analysis Based on Simulations of the Long-Term Gas Migration at Repository-Scale in a Geological Repository for High and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Disposal in a Deep Clay Formation

Eloi Treille, Jacques Wendling, Laurent Trenty, Laurent Loth, Guillaume Pepin and Frédéric Plas




Development and Application of a Chemical Osmosis Simulator Based on TOUGH2

Mikio Takeda, Tsuyoshi Hiratsuka, Kazumasa Ito, Stefan Finsterle


3D Modeling of the Long-Term Behaviour of a Geological Repository for HLW and ILW-LL Nuclear Waste, Considering Heat, Gas, and Radionuclide Release and Transport – Optimizations that Allow for Detailed Large-Scale Modeling

Carl Philipp Enssle, Jürgen Brommundt, Thomas U. Kaempfer, Gerhard Mayer, Jacques Wendling

Session VII: Tips & Tricks

Session Chair: Karsten Pruess


Short Pop-Ups with TOUGH Tips and Tricks

All Participants – sign up



Wednesday, September 19, 2012, Afternoon Sessions

Session VIII: Environmental Engineering

Session Chairs: Andrea Borgia, Julia Diessl


Importance of Overland Flow in Dentrification of Wastewater Applied to Rapid Infiltration Basins

Maryam Akhavan, Paul T. Imhoff, Scott Andres


Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Dual Phase Flow During Liquid Injection in a Coarse Sand

Tryambak Kaushik, Milind V. Khire


Feasibility Analysis of Underground Compressed Air Energy Storage in Lined Rock Caverns using TOUGH-FLAC Simulator

Hyung-Mok Kim, Jonny Rutqvist, Byung-Lee Choi


EOS7Rn−a New TOUGH2 Module for Simulating Radon Emanation and Transport in the Subsurface

Zakaria Saâdi, Didier Gay, Jérôme Guillevic, Roselyne Améon


On Parameterizing Heterogeneity and Incorporating Geophysical Measurements in Hydrogeophysical Inverse Modeling

Michael B. Kowalsky, Michael Commer, Kennet H. Williams, Stefan Finsterle



Session IX: Carbon Dioxide Storage III

Session Chair: Fabrizio Gherardi, Mohamed Azaroual


Modeling the Geochemical Impact of an Injection of CO2 and Associated Reactive Impurities into a Saline Reservoir

Laurent Andre, Mohamed Azaroual, Christian Bernstone, Andrea Wittek


Effect of Gas Field Production And CO2 Injection on Brine Flow and Salt Precipitation

Tim Tambach, Daniël Loeve, Cor Hofstee, Willem-Jan Plug, Jos Maas


Near-Well Pressure Distribution of CO2-Injection in a Partially Penetrating Well

Edward Mehnert, Roland T. Okwen


Simulation of CO2 Storage in Coal Seams: Coupling of TOUGH2 with the Solver for Mechanics CODE_ASTER®

Annick Loschetter, Farid Smai, Sérigne Sy, André Burnol, Aurélien Leynet, Stéphane Lafortune, Alain Thoraval

Session X: General


Numerical Modeling of NaCl-H2O Phase Separation in a Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vent Field

Benjamin Larson, Warwick Kissling, Christof Meile


To Seep or Not to Seep? Some Considerations Regarding Water Infiltration in Volcanic Lakes

Micol Todesco, Dmitri Rouwet, Massimo Nespoli, Raul A. Mora-Amador


Closing Remarks /Adjourn

TOUGH Committee


Carbon Dioxide Storage

Board 1

A Fully Coupled Model for Nonisothermal Multiphase Flow, Geomechanics, and Geochemistry during CO2 Sequestration in Brine Aquifers

Ronglei Zhang, Xiaolong Yin, Philips H. Winterfeld, Yu-Shu Wu

Board 2

A Novel Concept for Long-Term CO2 Sealing by Intentional Salt Clogging

Laura J. Wasch, Jens Wollenweber, Tim J. Tambach

Board 3

A Preliminary Study on the Applicability of the TOUGHREACT Code to South African Coal Seam CO2 Storage Operations: A simulation Tool that can Model Potential Regional Groundwater Contamination Risks

Tshegofatso O.P. Mophatlane

Board 4

An improved 2-D Reactive Transport Model of the Fate of CO2 Injected into a Saline Aquifer in the Wabamun Lake Area (Alberta, Canada)

Chantsalmaa Dalkhaa, Maurice Shevalier, Michael Nightingale, Bernhard Mayer

Board 5

Behavior of Brines Containing Dissolved CO2 in Abandoned Wellbores

Kirk M. Ellison, Ronald Falta, Lawrence Murdoch, Scott Brame

Board 6

Caprock Integrity Assessment by Reactive Transport Modeling: A Code Intercomparison Approach

Dimier Alain, Gherardi Fabrizio

Board 7

Effects of Groundwater Chemical Compositions in Deep Saline Aquifers on CO2 Geologic Sequestration

Hongwu Lei, Tianfu Xu, Fugang Wang, Yanlin Yang, Hailong Tian, Yan Shi

Board 8

Efficient Data Assimilation Tool in Conjunction with TOUGH2 for CO2 Monitoring

Judith Yue Li, Sivaram Ambikasaran, Peter K. Kitanidis, Eric Darve

Board 9

EOS7C-ECBM: Modification of EOS7C to Include Enhanced Coal—Bed Methane and the Dusty Gas Model

Stephen W. Webb, Curtis M. Oldenburg

Board 10

Evaluation of CO2 Storage Potential Focused on CO2 Sealing Efficiency of the Seal Layer at a Feasibility Study Site

Seiichi Ikeda, Satoshi Tomimori, Masao Ohoka, Mariko Seguchi, Junya Takeshima, Hiroyuki Azuma

Board 11

Feasibility of CO2 Injection in the Deep Saline Aquifers of the Bécancour Region, Québec (Canada)

Tien Dung Tran Ngoc, René Lefebvre, Michel Malo, Christine Doughty

Board 12

Fundamental Analysis of Heterogeneity and Relative Permeability on CO2 Storage and Plume Migration

Nathan Moodie, Brian McPherson, Si-Yong Lee, Prashanth Mandalaparty

Board 13

Modeling Approaches for Wellbore Boundary Conditions for Simulation of CO2 Geologic Sequestration in Saline Aquifers

Keni Zhang, Lulu Ling, Yang Wang

Board 14

Modeling CO2-Driven Cement Alteration at Well-Caprock Interface

Frédéric Wertz, Fabrizio Gherardi, Philippe Blanc, Anne-Gaëlle Bader, Antonin Fabbri

Board 15

Modeling of the CO2 Geological Storage at the S3 Site (Sim‑SEQ Comparative Project)

Christophe Chiaberge, Joachim Tremosa, Anne-Gaëlle Bader, Pascal Audigane

Board 16

Preliminary Model-Comparison Results from the Sim-SEQ Project using TOUGH2, STOMP, ECLIPSE, and VESA Approach

Sumit Mukhopadhyay, Christine Doughty, Diana Bacon, Giacomo Bacci, Rajesh Govindan, Ji-Quan Shi, Sarah Gasda, Ramya Ramanathan, Jean-Philippe Nicot, Seyyed Hosseini, Jens T. Birkholzer

Board 17

Simulation of CO2 Storage in the Basal Aquifer in the Northern Plains – Prairie Region of North America

Dorothee Rebscher, Quanlin Zhou, and Jens T. Birkholzer

Board 18

The Influence of Capillary Entry-Pressure Representation on the Rate of CO2 Solubility Trapping

Boxiao Li, Hamdi A. Tchelepi, Sally M. Benson

Board 19

TOUGH2 Simulation of CO2 Leakage from a Geologic Reservoir through Mixed Sandstone/Siltstone Caprock Formation

Rodrigo Sebastian Iglesias, Luciano da Silva Müller, Roberto Heemann, João Marcelo Medina Ketzer

Board 20

TOUGH2 Simulation of the Pumping Tests at Ketzin Site: Heterogeneity Effects and Model Calibration

Fei Chen, Quanlin Zhou, Jens Birkholzer

Board 21

TOUGHVISUAL: A User-Friendly Pre-Processing and Post-Processing Graphical Interface for TOUGHREACT

Yanlin Yang, Tianfu Xu, Fugang Wang, Hongwu Lei, Guangrong Jing, Gaofan Yue

Environmental Engineering

Board 22

A Least-Cost Strategy for Evaluating a Brownfields Redevelopment Project Subject to Indoor Air Exposure Regulations

Xiaomin Wang, André J.A. Unger, Beth L. Parker

Board 23

Hydro-Geochemical Modeling in the Passo a Campalto Phosphogypsum Dump in the Lagoon of Venezia, Italia

Andrea Borgia, M. Calcara, L. Cattaneo, M. Kennard

Board 24

Simulating Migration of CO2 and CH4 Generated from Geothermal Treatment and Biodegradation of Sanitation Waste in the Deep Subsurface

Julia Diessl, M. S. Bruno, J.T. Young


Board 25

A 20 Year Progress in the TOUGH2 Modeling of the Mutnovsky Geothermal Field, Kamchatka, Russia

Alexey Kiryukhin, Olga Miroshnik

Board 26

A Fully Coupled Flow and Geomechanics Model: Application to Enhanced Geothermal Reservoirs

Perapon Fakcharoenphol, Litang Hu, Yu-Shu Wu, Sarinya Charoenwongsa, Hossein Kazemi

Board 27

A Novel, Fully Coupled Flow and Geomechanics Model in Porous and Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs

Litang Hu, Philip H. Winterfeld, Perapon Fakcharoenphol, Yu-Shu Wu, Keni Zhang, Tianfu Xu

Board 28

A Sequential Implicit Algorithm of Chemo-Thermo-Poro-Mechanics for Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs

Jihoon Kim, Eric Sonnenthal, Jonny Rutqvist

Board 29


George Danko, Davood Bahrami, Liange Zheng

Board 30

Implementation of Anisotropic Flow into the TOUGH2 Code

Andri Arnaldsson, Jean-Claude Berthet, Snorri Kjaran, Sven Þ. Sigurðsson

Board 31

Improved Visualization of Reservoir Simulations: Geological and Fluid Flow Modeling of a High-Temperature Geothermal Field in New Zealand

Sophie C.P. Pearson, Angela Prieto

Board 32

Laboratory and Numerical Studies of Heat Extraction from Hot Porous Media by Means of Supercritical CO2

Mario Magliocco, Timothy J. Kneafsey, Karsten Pruess, Steven Glaser

Board 33

Modeling of Calcite Scaling in a Geothermal Well

Giordano Montegrossi, Francisco Ernesto Montalvo López

Board 34

Modeling of Wellbore Flow within Geothermal Reservoir Simulations at Field Scale

Marica Marcolini, Alfredo Battistelli

Board 35

Numerical Modeling of Geothermal Systems: The Effect of Overpressure and Injection Fluid Temperature in Inducing Microearthquakes, with Application to a New Zealand Geothermal Field

Lauriane Chardot, Steven Sherburn, Nicolas Fournier

Board 36

Recent Developments in the AUTOUGH2 Simulator

Angus Yeh, Adrian E. Croucher, Michael J. O’Sullivan

Board 37

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Basin and Range Geothermal Systems using TOUGH2-EOS1SC

Ann E. Moulding, Tom Brikowski

Board 38

TOUGH2 as a Tool for Performance Prediction of the Balcova Geothermal Field, Turkey

Goker Ertunc, Mahmut Parlaktuna

Board 39

TOUGH-FLAC Coupled THM Modeling of Proposed Stimulation at the Newberry Volcano EGS Demonstration

Antonio Pio Rinaldi, Jonny Rutqvist, Eric L. Sonnenthal, T.T. Cladouhos

Nuclear Waste

Board 40

A Simple Implementation of 1D Hydromechanical Coupling in TOUGH2

Robert Walsh, Nicola Calder, John Avis

Board 41

Development of Geohydrologic Model of the Wildcat Fault Zone

Kenzi Karasaki, Christine Doughty, Junichi Goto

Board 42

The Effect of Stress on Flow and Transport in Fractured Rock Masses Using TOUGH-FLAC and a Modified Crack Tensor Theory

Zhen Wang, Jonny Rutqvist, Yuan Wang, Colin Leung, Andrew Hoch, Ying Dai

Board 43

Two-Phase Flow Modeling with TOUGH2 of a Waste Geological Repository within the FORGE Project

Manuel Lorenzo Sentís

Board 44

Using a Generalized Power Law for Simulating the Feedback Effect of Dissolution/Precipitation on Diffusive Transfer in TOUGHREACT

André Burnol, F. Claret

Numerical Methods, Pre- and Postprocessors

Board 45

A New Library to Improve TOUGH Parallel Development

Noel Keen, George Pau, Jeff Johnson, Eric Sonnenthal, Stefan Finsterle

Board 46

A Simple History-Dependent Nonwetting-Phase Trapping Model for the TOUGH Simulators

Christopher G. Patterson, Ronald W. Falta

Board 47

Advances in Hydrogeophysical Joint Inversion

Michael Commer, Michael B. Kowalsky, Stefan Finsterle, Gregory A. Newman

Board 48

An Approach for Modeling Rock Discontinuous Behavior under Multiphase Fluid Flow Conditions

Pengzhi Pan, Jonny Rutqvist, Fei Yan, Xiating Feng

Board 49

Conceptual Model Tools in the PetraSim Graphical User Interface for the TOUGH2 Suite of Simulators

Alison Alcott, Daniel Swenson, Brian Hardeman

Board 50

Methodology for Assessing Scalability and Optimizing the Usage of TOUGH2-MP on a Cluster – Application Case for a Radioactive Waste Repository

Nicolas Hubschwerlen, Keni Zhang, Gerhard Mayer, Jean Roger, Bernard Vialay

Board 51

Modeling Transport of Water, Ions and Chemical Reactions in Compacted Bentonite – Comparison between TOUGHREACT, Numerrin and COMSOL Multiphysics

Aku Itälä, Mika Laitinen, Veli-Matti Pulkkanen, Merja Tanhua-Tyrkkö, Markus Olin

Board 52

Numerical Simulation of DNAPL Source Zones above and below the Water Table in Fractured Sandstone

Ken Walton, Andre Unger, Mario Ioannidis, Beth Parker

Board 53

Performance Improvement of TOUGH2 Simulation with Graphics Processing Unit

Yusuke Shimotoku, Toshiaki Tanaka, Ryuichi Itoi

Board 54

T2Well—An Integrated Wellbore-Reservoir Simulator

Lehua Pan, Curtis M. Oldenburg

Board 55

mView – A Powerful Pre- and Post-Processor for TOUGH2

John Avis, Nicola Calder, Robert Walsh

General Modeling Applications

Board 56

Borehole and Formation Analyses to Support Compressed Air Energy Storage Development in Reservoirs

Stephen W. Webb

Board 57

Surface Deformation Due to Compressed Air Tunneling using TOUGH2 and FLAC3D

Avirut Chinkulkijniwat

Board 58

Initial Investigations of thee Productive Perched Aquifers on the Volcanic Island of Montserrat

Brioch Hemmings, Fiona Whitaker, Joachim Gottsmann

Board 59

Modeling Brine Reflux using the Pitzer Ion-Interaction Model in TOUGHREACT

Anwar Al-Helai, Fiona F. Whitaker, Nicolas Spycher, Yitian Xiao

Board 60

Modeling Gas Transport and Reactions in Polydimethylsiloxane

Chuanhe Lu, Yunwei Sun, Stephen J. Harley, Elizabeth A. Glascoe

Board 61

Simulation of Soil Water with Different Water Table Depths under Drip Irrigation along the Tarim Desert Highway, China

Xue Li, Guomin Li, and Zhimin Wang

Board 62

Understanding Gas Migration in Unsaturated Fractured Porous Media using Field Experiments and Numerical Simulations

Sophie Guillon, E. Pili, J-C. Sabroux, T.M. Vu, P.M. Adler


  • Hydrogeology Department, Earth Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California
  • Stefan Finsterle, Conference Chair,, 510.486.5205
  • Carol Valladao, Senior Administrator,, 510.486.5781