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Free Software (no support)
Module Version Description Download
Instructions Source Code
Executable (PC)
EXT 1.0 Extracts data from TOUGH2 output file for visualization with TECPLOT ReadMeEXT.pdf Ext.exe
TOUGH2Matlab 1.0 Extracts data from TOUGH2 output file for visualization with Matlab; by Antonio Rinaldi TOUGH2Matlab_ReadMe.pdf

FLAC2TOUGH 1.0 Matlab script to translate FLAC3D input files into TOUGH2 input files; by Antonio Rinaldi FLAC2TOUGH_ReadMe.pdf
TMT2 2.0 Translates a MODFLOW grid created with GMS to a TOUGH2 grid (please send e-mail to Andrea Borgia with feedback).



T2ext 1.1 Perl script to extract data from TOUGH2-MP file OUTPUT_DATA; by Jerry Fairley T2ext -h
etype 1.0 Perl script to calculate mean and variance of point quantities at reference locations from multiple output files (e.g., from Monte Carlo simulations); by Jerry Fairley see header of script
AMESH 1.0 Generates layered TOUGH mesh based on 2D Voronoi tesselation of user-specified, irregular surface points.
AMESH User's Guide
T2CHK 1.0 Calculates equilibrium saturations and data for plotting characteristic curves Instructions T2CHK.exe
iT2_jEdit 1.0 Highlights iTOUGH2 syntax in jEdit text editor; by Joseph Doetsch
MoveMesh 1.0 Moves coordinates of TOUGH mesh See source code MoveMesh.f MoveMesh.exe
StratMesh 1.0 Mesh generator for 3D grids with multiple hydrostratigraphic units of variable thickness See source code and sample input file StratMesh.f
AddBound 2.0 Deletes elements in a specified domain or replaces them with a single boundary element connected to all elements adjacent to that region. The region can be a box or polygonial prism.
See source code AddBound.f AddBound.exe
Perm2Mesh 1.0 Reads coordinates and log(permeability modifier) from a file and assigns them to TOUGH elements See source code Perm2Mesh.f
AssignRock 2.0 Assigns rock type name to all elements within a specified box or polygonial prism
See source code AssignRock.f AssignRock.exe
DelMatrix 1.0 Deletes all elements with a permeability smaller than a cut-off value See source code DelMatrix.f
CutCavity 1.0 Cuts cavities of various shapes into 2D and 3D models See source code CutCylinder.f
EOS9EOS3 1.0 Converts EOS9-SAVE file to EOS3-INCON file See source code EOS9EOS3.f Eos9Eos3.exe
DeleteElements 2.0 Deletes elements and connections in specified region. The region can be a box, cylinder, material domain, or polygonial prism.
See source code DeleteElements.f DeleteElements.exe

TOUGH-related software packages can be ordered on-line from the Berkeley Lab Software Center. If you have any questions or comments about licensing, please send an e-mail to If you have technical questions, please contact the Developer Team.